Keep Your Child Fit With Physical Activities

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kidsarmsupFrom Your Health Journal…..”I found a great article today from an online publication called The Leadership written by Rakuat Ahmed-Yusuf called Keep Your Child Fit With Physical Activities. The article begins by discussing how children need exercise as much as adults need it. Children innately love to play and run, which gives them the opportunity to stay fit and healthy. Most experts recommend at least one hour of physical activity each day, which many children are not getting. It is crucial to enhanced health, fighting obesity, reducing heart disease, cancer, bones weakness, and type 2 diabetes. They have better self esteem and more confident. Modern day technology has played a large role in creating a sedentary generation, whose life expectancy may be shorter than their parents if they are not careful. The author then gives some valuable tips / suggestions to assist parents in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for their children. Please visit The Leadership web site to read the complete article. It was very enjoyable, and I would love to bring traffic to their site. The link is provided below.”

From the article…..

Like adults, children need exercise. Children love to jump, climb and play games. These outdoor activities give them the chance to burn some energy, develop coordination and build their strength and confidence. Exercise and physical activities are two important factors in childhood development.

At least, one hour of physical activity everyday keeps the kids healthy. Regular exercise helps children to reduce stress, maintain healthy weight, and build healthy bones, muscles and joints. A recent research found that exercise can help reduce the risk of obesity and diabetes in children. It also helps them to sleep well at night, feel better about themselves, and even feel more ready to learn in school.

Unfortunately, children these days spend more of their time watching TV, which reduces the time they spend running and playing. As kids spend more time inside, it makes them less and therefore exposing them to risk of being overweight, feeling tired and lazy, and losing muscle tone. Parents have a very important role to play, by encouraging their children to engage in exercises regularly.

They should also try as much as possible to limit their video games, TV and computer time activities.
There are specific guidelines to follow when considering the kind of exercise for children, as age matters a lot.

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