What To Do after Testing Positive For COVID-19

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. If you test positive for COVID-19, it is essential to know the proper steps to take to monitor symptoms and keep from infecting…

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Winter Workout Options To Stay COVID Safe

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. As we move into the winter months, cold weather and less daylight may impact your COVID outdoor workout routine. A sports medicine expert…

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Face Mask

How To Cope With Pandemic Loneliness This Holiday Season

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. The holiday season can be a joyous, but many suffer from depression during this time of year. A number of factors can contribute…

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Tips To Serve Food Safely On Thanksgiving

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. It may seem like there is not much to be thankful for this year due to COVID-19, but that does not mean you…

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How Does COVID-19 Impact Patients With Diabetes?

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. The spread of coronavirus requires people to stay home and practice social distancing to prevent exposure to the virus. Individuals at high-risk are…

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Health Benefits Of Fabric Booty Bands

By James Don…. Booty bands are something that enhances your experience, output, and stance in the workout. Fabric booty bands are a kind of resistance band that helps majorly in…

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Muay Thai For Cardiovascular Conditioning

By James Wilson…. In the past few years, Muay Thai has become famous worldwide because it is known as the best sport for cardiovascular conditioning and also for physical workout….

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The Best Exercises For A full-Body Workout

By James Wilson…. There are many exercises which you may know, and they are the basic exercises, but do you know which one is best for a full-body workout? In…

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4 Tips To Improve Your Career Prospects

By Veselina Dzhingarova…. The old saying goes that we should work to live and not live to work. Whilst it’s important we work hard at our jobs, it shouldn’t have…

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How To Prevent An Exercise Injury

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. As people return to the gym and their regular fitness routines after months in quarantine, the last thing anyone wants is an injury…

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