Keep Cool With 8 Heat Safety Tips

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sunWhile summer is a great time for outdoor activities, it can also bring extreme heat and humidity. In fact, nearly a third of weather-related deaths in the U.S. are attributed to excessive natural heat, heat stroke, sun stroke or all three, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s why Amica Insurance is offering tips to help keep everyone safe.

Heat-related deaths and illnesses are preventable, so stay cool and use common sense. Amica is sharing the following tips from the CDC:

* Drink plenty of fluids, regardless of activity level.

* Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, and always put on sunscreen.

* Stay indoors if possible, and in an air-conditioned place.

* Monitor infants, young children and the elderly.

* Do not leave children or pets in a parked car.

* Eat lightly, and avoid hot foods and alcohol.

* Provide plenty of fresh water for pets.

* Seek medical attention if anyone exhibits warning signs, like extremely high body temperatures, red, hot or dry skin, nausea or a rapid, strong pulse.

About Amica Insurance

Amica Mutual Insurance Co., the nation’s oldest mutual insurer of automobiles, was founded in 1907. The company, based in Lincoln, Rhode Island, is a national writer of auto, home, marine and umbrella insurance. Life coverage is available through Amica Life Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary. Amica employs more than 3,400 people in 44 offices across the country. For more information, visit

How To Keep Fit In The New Year

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By Michael Peggs

partycelebrateWorking in the world of sports, you are surrounded by examples of the value of staying fit. At the same time, your job can be a stressful one, and it may seem that there’s never enough time in the day to cross everything off your “to do” list. With email messages to answer, calls to return, and both virtual and in-person meetings, it’s easy to let your own fitness goals take a back seat to the needs of your manager or clients. With a new year just ahead, this is the perfect time to move your fitness goals back to the top of your list of priorities.

Here’s one fitness hack for the new year that will be the foundation of becoming healthier and more effective in your role: walk. It’s simple and free. A quick walk on your lunch hour can improve your mood, help you lose weight, and even sharpen your memory! You can do it anywhere, without “suiting up”—even in your dress shoes. There are insoles that you can add to your shoes to help you make the most of every step. Available for women and men, supportive Spenco insoles fit into just about every type of shoe and can be your secret weapon in getting fit. (They’ll also take the pressure off, literally, of your hard-working feet.)

Begin the year by adding one 10-minute walk to each workday. Walking gives you time alone—a precious commodity in our wired world. For the first few weeks of walking, I suggest you go “cold turkey” and leave behind your iPod and your cell phone. If your job requires that you keep your phone with you at all times, turn it to silent for ten minutes. Ten minutes of walking will pay dividends as it helps you clear your mind and be more effective when you return to your desk.

The benefits of walking are both immediate and long-term. If you work six days a week, at the end of your first week you will have walked for an hour in total. While you may not be able to carve an hour out of your daily schedule, taking ten minutes at a time is an exercise in setting boundaries: claim those ten minutes as your own—not to be interrupted—and schedule a reminder on your phone. When your colleagues see a more relaxed version of you, standing straighter and breathing easier, they may even suggest setting up the type of “walking meetings” that are favored by the CEOs of Facebook and Twitter. Walking meetings are indeed effective, but be sure to keep your 10-minute daily walks for yourself, to help you meet your fitness goals and become increasingly effective in your career.

– Michael Peggs is the founder of content marketing agency and SEO agency Marccx Media, where they specialize in SEO and Content Marketing. Before Marcxx, Peggs worked at Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships. He is also a blogger and podcaster, hosting the iTunes Top 10 New & Noteworthy podcast You University – The Personal Branding Podcast.

Strategies Parents Can Use To Keep Their Children’s Mouths Healthy

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By Dr. Kenyon Glor

brushteethAs a parent, you can help your child improve their chance at having a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Here’s how:

Early Dental Check-ups

Pediatric medical and dental experts recommend that all children have their first dental check-up by their first birthday. Early visits help us to pinpoint concerns that can be prevented from evolving into more serious problems later on. It also helps your child become more familiar with the dental office – so that his or her first visit isn’t due to an uncomfortable emergency.

Stick to Tap Water

“Healthy” beverages like fruit juices and sports drinks still contain hidden acids and sugars – which can create extensive amounts of tooth decay. Give your child fluoridated tap water to drink. Tap water rinses the teeth and provides essential minerals that help support healthy enamel. You might be surprised to learn that most bottled waters have a lower pH and no fluoride, so save a few cents and bottle your own!

Wait Until Your Child Can Tie His or Her Own Shoes

Help your child brush and floss their teeth twice a day. Once your child has the dexterity that he or she needs to tie their own shoes, then you can start allowing them to brush and floss on their own. Just be sure to check their teeth before bedtime, to make sure everything is clean! Brush for at least two minutes each time, taking care to clean along the gumlines. Don’t skip the flossing, as even the best brushing possible can’t clean between the teeth.

Look Into Xylitol

kidsSeveral chewing gums contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that can actually help your child’s teeth repel plaque buildup. Studies show that xylitol use can improve oral health and reduce the risk of tooth decay. Be sure to read the label, as not all “sugar free” gums contain this key ingredient.

If you follow these simple strategies, your children will maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as a bright smile!

Dr. Glor is a dentist in Wellington, Ohio and has been practicing there for 27 years. He is passionate about dentistry and dedicated to providing you with unsurpassed skills and a dental experience that allows you to enjoy a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime.

How To Keep Your Food – And Your Insulin – Down During The Holidays

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partycelebrateDon’t let holiday feasts come back to haunt you – planning meals can help those with acid reflux and diabetes enjoy the festive foods, said experts at Baylor College of Medicine.

“Advanced meal planning will ensure that people with stricter diets have items to enjoy,” said Dr. Mohamed Othman, assistant professor of medicine – gastroenterology at Baylor.

Acid reflux

Acid reflux occurs when the contents of the stomach come back up into the esophagus, which can result in heartburn or belly discomfort. By standing upright after eating, gravity helps keep the contents of the stomach down.

“Do not lay down immediately after your meal,” Othman said. “It takes four hours for the stomach to empty solid contents and two hours for liquid content.”


For those with diabetes, overindulgence can lead to more serious health concerns, said Dr. Alan Garber, professor of medicine – diabetes, endocrinology and metabolism at Baylor.

“Holiday food tends to be rich in carbohydrates and fats, and both of these may increase insulin requirements,” he said. “You should be aware of the amount of sugar in holiday treats.”

What to do

Modifying eating habits can alleviate reflux symptoms. If suffering from acid reflux, Othman recommended avoiding the following foods and drinks:

* Chocolate
* Mint
* Fried foods
* Wine
* Coffee

Brief walks after meals and adopting a more active lifestyle in general can improve reflux symptoms, he said.

Garber offers these tips to help diabetics manage holiday eating:

* Look for sugar-free items at the grocery store

* Control your portions

* High-fat meals independently produce insulin resistance and raise insulin requirements, so be sure sugar-free items are not high in fat

* Avoid alcoholic drinks

While it is important to be aware and cautious of what you are eating and how it affects your health, Baylor experts advise focusing on the fun of the holidays rather than the restrictions.

Assessment Can Help Older Drivers Keep Driving Safely

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seniors2Aging may affect vision, hearing, coordination, thinking, visuospatial skills, or reaction time, any of which can have a direct impact on driving. Driver assessment programs help people overcome weaknesses behind the wheel.

Driving skills may decline with age, but don’t assume that getting older brings an automatic end to driving, says the August 2015 Harvard Health Letter.

“Age and health conditions aren’t enough to determine if a person is okay to drive. It requires an individual assessment of skills,” says Lissa Kapust, a social worker at Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Many hospitals, sheriff’s offices, and other agencies offer driving assessment programs that can evaluate senior drivers and help them overcome weaknesses behind the wheel. Many of these programs take a team approach to evaluating a person’s driving ability. Social workers, occupational therapists, and neuropsychologists look at the person’s driving history, family concerns, overall health, cognitive function, and driving reflexes. Then it’s on to a road test.

The team looks at all of the information and recommends whether the driver needs to hand over his or her car keys, or whether brushing up on certain skills is needed. “We may suggest working with a driving instructor to focus on errors we found in the driving assessment, such as maintaining lane position,” says Kapust.

Some driving programs can also help seniors get up to speed on the latest driving laws in their state and learn about technologies in newer cars, and can even help them fit better in their cars by adjusting the position of the seat, head restraint, steering wheel, and more.

Read the full-length article: “Stay behind the wheel longer”

Also in the August 2015 Harvard Health Letter:

* Ways to keep relationships strong

* Finding relief for hand pain

* The benefits of nutrient-dense foods

The Harvard Health Letter is available from Harvard Health Publications, the publishing division of Harvard Medical School, for $20 per year. Subscribe at or by calling 877-649-9457 (toll-free).

Why It’s important To Keep Your Children Hydrated In The Summer

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By James Helliwell

waterIf you’re a parent, chances are you’ll let your kids play outside in the warm weather this coming summer. Paddling pools, swimming pools and ice lollies will be a common theme I imagine, but there’s one aspect of summer that’s a common theme that parents certainly don’t won’t; and that’s children becoming dehydrated. It can often happen because young children aren’t as aware of staying hydrated as adults are and this can lead to unwanted symptoms because of their lack of water intake? So why is it important to stay hydrated and how can we encourage our children to drink more water, especially when it’s scorching weather outside?

Why do we need to keep our children hydrated?

First of all, water makes up around 75% of our body make up and found in the inside of cells inside us. Therefore it’s essential that children take on plenty of water because its plays a vital part in keeping together cell structure and has a massive influence on waste removal from their body. Another useful feature of water in the body is that helps to distribute nutrients all throughout and also helps to keep body temperature at the optimum level. Both of these are so important for young children so encouraging them to drink little and often is probably the best way of doing it.

How can we encourage our children to drink more?

There’s a few good ways of encouraging children to drink more and to be honest, none of them are that scientific! Always keep a water bottle close by so they can take regular sips if they’re feeling slightly parched. Ice lollies are a good way of giving them some extra fluids as well but be careful not to overdo it as they can often contain sugary flavors and additives that might make them a bit more hyperactive then usual! Another good way is to get a bottled water cooler or a smaller alternative installed in your house so they can go and get fresh ice cold drinking water when they want to. Maybe even add a touch of orange squash to the water to give it a touch more flavour! Again, as with the ice lollies, don’t add too much squash to the mixture as it often contains additives that you probably wouldn’t want to give to your children on an hourly basis.

How To Keep Pets Hydrated When Traveling

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dogsilouetteDog safety expert Melanie Monteiro provides tips and tricks to keep a pet hydrated in a new “Pet Hydration Tips When Traveling” video from Sleepypod.

As pet owners plan summer travel and outdoor activities with their pets, Sleepypod® reminds pet owners that keeping a pet hydrated can be a tricky endeavor. A change in a pet’s routine can often affect water intake.

In the new “Pet Hydration Tips When Traveling” video, dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro discusses how much pets should drink and provides hydration tips to keep pets happy, healthy and hydrated. Pet hydration tips include:

* Freeze water in a non-metal, BPA-free bowl in advance of travel.

* Add water to food.

* Make flavored water.

* Try an electrolyte replacer.

* Add ice cubes since pets are more likely to drink cool water.

* Pack a straw or oral syringe.

View the “Pet Hydration Tips When Traveling” video at

About Melanie Monteiro

Melanie Monteiro is a dog safety & lifestyle expert, pet first aid instructor, writer and author of “The Safe Dog Handbook” – the acclaimed book inspired by her adventures with Taiga, the world’s most accident-prone puppy. Her popular YouTube channel, The Safe Dog, has been widely praised for teaching pet parents life saving skills, as well as how to prevent and prepare for common mishaps. Known for her precise yet friendly teaching style, Melanie’s first aid videos are used to train K9 police dog handlers.

Melanie’s articles appear in top pet outlets such as The Bark, Fido Friendly, Peta and Pet Travel Experts. On newsworthy matters of pet safety and lifestyle, she’s been interviewed by Fox News, NPR, KFWB, The Pet Collective, and AOL’s PawNation. Melanie consults with a wide clientele including humane organizations, canine professionals, top celebrities and countless dog parents, offering pet first aid lessons, CPR demos and in-home pet safety makeovers. For more information visit

About Sleepypod

Busy pet-owner lifestyles demand pet products that are not only versatile but also exceptional enough to baby the pets that mean so much to us. Sleepypod understands the importance of pets in their owners’ lives and that’s why safety is Sleepypod’s top priority. To protect the joy of driving with pets, Sleepypod crash tested its entire line of dog safety harnesses and pet carriers at the standard set for child safety restraints. From the BPA-free silicone in Yummy Travel Bowls to the 100 percent organic Little Germs line of cleansers, Sleepypod devotes careful and caring attention to every detail in each product. Bold and innovative, Sleepypod products are clever enough to have won a slew of awards and stacks of praise from veterinarians, pet industry experts and media, even earning a spot in the Metropolitan Home “Design 100” alongside iconic products like the iPhone and the Smartcar. Thoughtful design features transform ordinary pet products from insipid to inspired. Additional information about Sleepypod is available online at Safe travels.®

5 Secrets To Keep Your Dog Healthy

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walkingdogIf you own a dog, caring for it is an important responsibility that requires a real and genuine personal commitment. It is important to make sure that everyone in the family shares in this responsibility and commitment. The dog that you bring into your home must honestly feel loved by each family member.

You can do five important things when caring for a dog to ensure it stays happy and healthy.

The first thing to know is that your dog needs water. Like any other living thing, your dog always needs fresh water to stay healthy. Poorly regulated contaminants, including harmful chemicals such as lead and even low levels of prescription medication, can enter into your tap water supply. The solution is to have a good water filter. A water filter will help remove most harmful toxins, making the water much healthier for both you and your dog.

The second thing your dog needs is highly nutritious, quality food. When you feed your dog, it is important to choose healthy ingredients. Many dog food labels on the market today are nutritiously quite deceiving. They may have dubious sourced ingredients or product mixes to comply with government labeling standards. They may contain things that you would probably not want your dog to eat. A good dog food is one that meets the higher labeling standard of being “complete and balanced.” When you choose your dog food look for one with more meat than fillers. When you are looking at the package look to see that it lists meats like lamb, beef, or chicken and that the fat to protein content meets recommended nutritional guidelines. Also, look to see if it contains natural preservatives, as these are much healthier for your dog.

The third thing you can do is make sure that your dog receives proper health care. It is very important that you take your dog to the vet for regular check-ups. Flea and heartworm control are common canine conditions that are easy to diagnose and prevent but extremely costly if not treated. Heartworms are parasitic mosquito-borne infections known to kill or injure dogs by damaging the heart and blood vessels. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, taking your dog to the vet is an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure.

The fourth thing you can do is exercise your dog. Many people don’t think about this as being one of the most important things that keeps a dog healthy, but it is. In the United States, 40 percent of dogs are considered overweight. Just like humans, it is important to keep your dog’s weight under control because it can lead to health problems. Help your dog exercise by doing things like taking it for daily walks. Exercise and playful workouts not only enhance the bonding experience but also can help avoid some behavioral problems.

Lastly, and probably the most important thing you can do for your dog is show affection. Letting your dog know that you care affects their health in the most positive way. To learn more visit,

Keep Holiday Stress Under Control

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stressedwomanOverscheduling, expecting perfection and ignoring personal well-being all take their toll during the holidays and send stress levels skyrocketing. This season, come back to earth and get grounded with some simple advice.

Feeling stress during the holiday season is common among Americans. Some feel rushed and overscheduled, others are concerned about finances or feel pressure to buy that perfect gift.

Denise McGuire, PhD is a licensed psychologist and emotional fitness coach at the University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colo. McGuire pays special attention to “mindfulness” with her clients, utilizing biofeedback and other mind-body approaches for optimal health. “We have a tendency to go to extremes during the holiday season,” says McGuire. “Many of us over focus on doing and ignore our well-being which is a recipe for stress.”

In October, McGuire served as the mental and emotional fitness coach at the CU Anschutz Health and Wellness Center’s first Extreme Weight Loss: Destination Boot Camp weight loss transformation program and will return in the same role next year. The first boot camps were a sell-out success and dates have just been announced for 2015.

Not surprisingly, McGuire’s first tip for surviving the pressures of holiday stress is exercising regularly.

Exercise: if you have a regular exercise routine, stick with it. If not, even a 15 to 20 minute walk each day will help keep you relaxed.

Keep it real: making the holidays perfect for yourself and for others is impossible. Manage your expectations and focus on the people in your life instead of the perfect gift.

Stay on schedule: keeping your regular routine as much as possible will help you stay calm. This includes sleeping, eating, working, hobbies and exercising.

Pace the fun: too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Avoid overscheduling.

Stay positive: dwelling on the negative adds to your stress level. Focus on all the good things going on in your life.

Be grateful: letting others know how much you appreciate them keeps them, and you, relaxed.

You’re not alone: plenty of others are experiencing the same holiday stress you are. Showing some compassion for them will help keep everyone a little more calm, including yourself.

Mums ‘n’ Dads Need To Keep Healthy And Exercise Too

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By James Helliwell

familyrunFor parents, a great way to ensure that your children are keeping fit and exercising weekly, is to lead by example and exercise regularly yourself. There’s no point suggesting to your beautiful but slightly overweight offspring that they need to get into regular exercise and referring them to a local leisure center’s activity day, if you could do with shifting a few pounds yourself. You are someone they look up to, and setting a good example yourself can do wonders for the natural progression of your child’s fitness levels.

While fitness is a personal journey, surrounding yourself with professionals who understand the science behind fitness can help you reach your goals. The team at Heroic Fitness believes that fitness routines centered around the individual will help you achieve success, and with that in mind, let’s look at four fantastic exercise styles to set you on the right path to being a shining example of health and fitness for your children.


Kicking off with one of the finest and most graceful (when done perfectly) forms of exercise, the ancient spiritual art of Yoga. Yoga unifies the body and mind through the practice of physical poses that are known as ‘Asanas’. This in short sounds simple and easy, but in reality they push your body to its limits, make you sweat and tone you up completely. Doing Yoga often releases the tensions of the body and can make you stronger, have more stamina and achieve much greater flexibility. They also help your mind, giving a great boost of mental clarity and general feelings of well-being. All very useful when you are a stressed, over worked, and time-stretched parent of young children!


Boxercise is an on-trend new exercise that is rapidly gaining in popularity. It is boxing for fitness and is the perfect exercise to release your tensions that unavoidably build up when looking after your children. You can smash and bash your way to a calmer being and a fitter body with increased stamina. As you can imagine, it is based on the fitness routines that boxers use.A session can take different formats, but could include skipping, hitting pads, kicking pads, shadow-boxing, shuttle runs and the classic press-ups and sit-ups. It’s worth noting that this covers all fitness bases and you will not be punching each other! Boxercise is extremely fun and a real challenge, so give it a go.

Weight Training

Weight Training is the father of all exercise. Lifting weights will make you strong and develop your muscle structure better than anything. If lifting weights is included in your fitness routine you can be sure that you will be getting a proper work out every session with a variety of different exercise to do. You can literally work every muscle in your body! Weight Training works by undergoing morphological muscle changes to get stronger. Any muscle asked to do more that it is used to, will grow using the proteins in your body. Remember not to overwork your body and train in an appropriate way so that you avoid hurting yourself.


joggersRunning is a perfect way to lose weight and gain stamina. Top fitness centers will have running machines that you can use to track progress and give you some great runs. You can always try setting a long term objective to aim for. Training to participate in a marathon or half-marathon is a great long-term goal. This may sound like a hard target to reach, but with a proper disciplined training routine, and personal motivation, you can set up a fitness routine that can help you complete this goal. Remember, however, that this goal doesn’t have to be about finishing in a certain time unless you’re an experienced runner; if you’re a beginner simply completing the event can be your goal.

Healthy Living

As an additional note, it is advisable that you also look at your diet in tandem with your exercise routine. Here are two big changes you can make:

Give Up Processed Foods

Processed foods play a large role in obesity rates and contain a lot of empty calories. If you know that you consume a lot of processed foods throughout a week, set a goal to give them up for different periods of time. Start by going a week without processed foods and then increase it until they’re mostly gone from your diet.

Eat a Fruit or Vegetable with Each Meal

In a similar way to the processed foods goal, you should try to add at least one fruit or vegetable to each one of your daily meals and snacks. It has been reported in medical journals that you should eat anywhere from five to ten fruits and vegetable servings each day for a healthy diet, so try to aim for this goal.

So remember mums and dads, all this should be great motivation to get active and increase your fitness levels. Make sure you set a shining example to the little people in your life!