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The best strategy is to be consistent, be authentic, be engaging. Post at least once a day and two or three times if you can. Share links related to your field, consider what your target audience is interested in and share information on it. Be authentic and casual, don’t write posts as if they are formal corporate memos, give the poster a name. Ask questions of your audience, use that information to fuel future posts. When somebody comments or writes a message: always, always, always respond.

Consider having your website done or re-done with WordPress. It’s very user friendly and has some of the SEO built in already! You can add to that by installing free SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO Pack. The best way to boost traffic to your website is to maintain a consistent blog and engage with other bloggers. It’s very much like social media! Post regularly (once a week) and with valuable information that your target audience would be interested in reading. Ask your readers to share your articles on Facebook/Twitter (this is called a Call To Action or CTA). Reach out to other bloggers and offer them to guest post on your website, and offer to write guest posts for them as well. Find related blogs on the same topic and post honest, thoughtful comments. You will generate a community in no time!

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Artist Sync, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering creativity through business, marketing, and technology. We provide training, consulting, and professional service in fields like web design, social media, blogging, and many others.

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  1. It really isn’t. Especially if you choose a host like Host Gator that  can install it automatically with one click. Once setup, there’s no reason to use code, FTP, or even your hosting control panel ever again!There is also a free hosting alternative at (as opposed to which provides the software free to install on a hosting account you pay for). It’s easier to start a blog at and plug into a community because it works like Tumblr. However, you have to pay to use your own domain name, and they will put ads on your blog that you pay to remove.There are also no plugins allowed on which means you can’t integrate cool things like more SEO, email list sign ups, e-commerce, membership sites, automatic backup software, etc. In the long run it is more economical to pay for your own hosting and install the version on your server.

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