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Many health and wellness web sites are always looking for ways to improve their Alexa ranking, Google ranking, social media skills, and SEO. The Tech Tools section of this web site will have basic tips from experts and non-experts alike who will share their successes with the audience of this blog. Hopefully, they will help anyone who has their own web site improve the sites popularity.

If you have a tip, use the contact link above to send it along.

Simple Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Social Media Skills, And SEO.

Your SEO campaign should be focused on driving traffic to your site via your ‘non-branded’ industry keywords. A non-branded keyword is a keyword that does not include your company/brand name. When you evaluate your SEO campaign, you want to exclude those people who use your brand name when they search. Look only at your organic traffic by selecting “non-paid search traffic” in Google Analytics. Measure the baseline and then track the campaign over time. The increase or decrease in number of visitors finding you based on your industry keywords will give you a good sense of how well your SEO campaign is working.

A webgrader is an excellent tool for measuring SEO progress and results. Most free webgraders give you a good sense of how well you’re doing with your onsite SEO, which accounts for about 30% of search rankings. Offsite SEO–building links to your site–accounts for about 70% of search rankings (according to This webgrader arms you with the more important *offsite SEO* metrics AND reveals how your links and keyword rankings compare to your competitors.

– Chad Hill, CEO of HubShout


  1. Thanks for the tip, Chad. How often should you check-in with a webgrader tool or other analytics to evaluate your SEO campaign?

  2. Especially timely, since I’m sure a lot of folks are looking for information about health and wellness as we enter a new year!

  3. What are some of the more important “off-site SEO metrics” I should pay attention to? If i’m working to get a website for a gym ranked higher (not a lot of links so far), what should I focus on to get the ball rolling?

  4. Chad, what a great, albeit unorthodox way to help the health and wellness community.  A lot of well-intentioned people are looking to educate people about how to live a healthy lifestyle, but their advice gets lost online.  Arming these health and wellness advocates with SEO tools will surely be the boost they need to be heard!

  5. How does Co-citation help this process? I’ve heard a lot about Co-citation and how it helps with the link juices but what are some things I should do to my onsite to help with the Co-citations with the off-site? This was very informational.

  6. Very informative indeed Chad! Great post. A webgrader is one of the best ways for people to stay on top of their websites, especially if they are looking to make sure that they are always in a great position to attract more organic traffic. Those that are curious about using one for the first time may want to know what in your opinion are the top three things that people could use one for? 

  7. What you said about non-brand traffic makes so much sense. Thanks for pointing that out. 

  8. Great information! The health industry is so competitive online that you need a strong SEO strategy or your information will never reach the masses. The web grader is the perfect starting point.

  9. Great tools and advice. If you can digest SEOmoz information, it can really help you understand your place and build goals. 

  10. Spot on! The webgrader is the first thing i use when evaluating a client. I always take a screen shot to so that I have a bench mark of the all the important metrics. Chad,Do you think we could get a post about keyword value and how to determine it?

  11. @jesse I look for 3 things in a webgrader 1) i want to benchmark myself against other similar websites. some web graders give that to you and some don’t. 2) are there specific and actionable steps I can take to make my site better 3) finally, some webgraders also give recommendations for website changes. 

  12. @eric. I’d look at seomoz domain authority and root domain links. Typically the two will correlate. Look for new websites where you can earn links. 

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