Healthy Tip # 154

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Anand Bhatt

healthillustrated“The biggest challenge to a healthy lifestyle is life’s other demands. Often, we’re too busy or tired or overwhelmed to make the right healthy choices – so we choose the comforting ones instead. A great way to combat this is morning quiet time with a cup of green tea. Unless our usual “slam a cup of coffee and get on the road” mode – quiet time with a cup of green tea when we first awake can do wonders on our attitude as well as kick start some initial fat burning and provide antioxidant value. What i do soon after waking is to brew a strong cup and sit still and think about my day or listen to my breathing as I’m sipping (sipping, not drinking or gulping). The process takes only 5 to 10 minutes every morning, but my days go more smoothly and I can more easily say no to the junk food options that will test me throughout the morning.”

– Celebrity Anand Bhatt, Author of Rock Star Recipes