Breakfast With President Clinton

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From Your Health Journal…..”A great story from KMIR, and local NBC affiliate about President Clinton, someone I admire a lot for his work in helping people lead healthy lifestyles. Recently, President Clinton visited an elementary school in Palm Springs. He spoke with the children about leading a healthy lifestyle including a nutritious diet and exercise. What a great thing for some young students to hear – and what a great impact he will have on their lives. Imagine a former President of the United States telling you how to be healthy when you were young… would impact the way you live forever. As childhood obesity continues to rise in some areas of the US, change is needed. Appearances like the one in this article by President Clinton sets a great example of other local leaders to take charge, and help children. Please visit the KMIR site to read the full article. The link is provided below.”

From the article…..

President Bill Clinton is battling obesity by sharing his Health Matters message with students at Katherine Finchy Elementary School in Palm Springs.

President Clinton took center stage in the cafeteria, explaining his, change your food, change your life mission. The secret to success in more ways than you might think.

“Every single day if you make a few mistakes, if you do something that doesn’t work, it’s OK,” President Clinton said. “You’re creating an organic on-going endeavor that is literally the secret to how we should deal with our economy and deal with our other big challenges.”

The challenge at hand is childhood obesity. Coachella Valley schools are now among 15,000 nationwide committed to the Alliance For A Healthier Generation.

“The epidemic of childhood obesity has taken hold throughout our valley, and we need to raise awareness and take action and do something about it,” Kay Hazen, Vice President of Desert Healthcare Foundation said.

The mission starts here by creating healthier campuses with more physical activity and better food.

“There aren’t very many places in the country which are geographically compact enough with their diversities in all these areas so that you’re small enough to be able to make a difference, but big enough to be able to impact what other people think about what they’re doing,” President Clinton said.

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