The Art Of Being Active

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By Kim Evans

girlstretchAs someone who makes a living helping other people navigate their way through the fitness world, I am often asked about how I stay in shape, what motivates me, why I do what I do and even how long am I going to do what I do. Most of the time I can answer by saying that because I am a professional fitness instructor and athletic coach I feel that I need to stay in shape so that I can be the best teacher possible. But it is really so much more to me, and I think that is one of the reasons that I continue to do what I do.

Being active shapes my life. If I can ride a bike, take a walk or hike, put on skates, hop on my paddle-board and explore someplace new, well that is a beautiful thing. I like spending time in the gym, and the chance to take a class in a new format is something I seek out. These things all make me happy. I don’t consider it a chore, I enjoy moving my body. It keeps me calm, keeps my moods mostly positive and helps me get through the stress of life.

I fully understand that most people do not share the same philosophy as I do. That being said, it is one of my missions to help people understand that even if they do not like to exercise, they should still be active. When you keep your body moving as it should, everything in life is easier! I feel strongly that everyone, no matter what their limitations can find ways to make their lives better, through being active. It just has to be framed in a way so each person can relate it to their own lives. When you figure that out then life changes for you. My happiest moments are when clients ‘get it’. I’ve got ‘it’, and I want to share it!

chinupGet up and get out! Find the movement in everything that you do. If you like the gym, join one. Or take up a sport. Find things to do with your spouse and children. Explore your local area and take advantage of all of the things that are offered. Meet new people that like being active. I can promise that if you embrace an active lifestyle, you will be better for it. You don’t have to be great at it, you can take baby steps. Just embrace it.

To me, the art of being active really means that I have chosen to shape my life around being healthy and active. I gravitate towards like-minded people, and search out things to do that allow me to challenge myself physically and mentally. Practicing my art makes me feel like I am dancing through life.

Guest author, Kim Evans