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Tech Tips From The Experts:

seoMy name is Avraham Cohn and I am the founder and CEO of Digital Development Consulting, a website development and search engine optimization company. An incredibly effective strategy for improving Google Page Rank and gaining online publicity consists of several easy steps that ultimately allows the entrepreneur to follow the digital foot print left by other well established companies and target the same media outlets that they have used to promote their brand.

First, search for popular websites that are both relevant and influential in the entrepreneur’s field of interest. Then go to and type in the URL of these competitor sites. The entrepreneur will now have access to the linking profile of these sites and thus, a roadmap, of effective online properties to target and build connections with. Email the editor/webmaster of these new found sites to request a brief chat to connect and offer some insights. Finally, follow up several days later with another email affirming your interest in building a connection with the site’s community members. Once your article/interview is posted, you will gain powerful back links that will gradually but certainly increase your site’s legitimacy, and thus rank, in Search Engine Pages.

– Avraham Cohn, CEO, Digital Development Consulting LLC