Save The Children, Save Ourselves

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By Paul J.Rosen, J.D., L.Ac., EAMP

kidsChildren, our most precious resource, deserve better. Our health care system is in a crisis what with skyrocketing cases of childhood diabetes, obesity, behavioral problems and allergies. As a child of the 50’s, I don’t remember many children with allergies, ADD or ADHD. I can’t recall one instance of a child shooting up a classroom ala Columbine. What’s going on?

It’s my contention that as a society we have lost our way. It’s all about profits before sense. SURE there have been some triumphs but at what cost? I believe there are some folks who want to take responsibility for their kids but the world around them has more power and influence, making it almost impossible. So, here’s a strategy to turn things around and it begins with what foods you put in your mouth.

To know where we are sometimes it helps to look where we’ve been. Let’s begin by exploring a bit of the past because it’s there you’ll find the clues to why nutrition is the solution and key to the future.

In the 1940s, Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., a medical doctor, researched cures for tuberculosis. Fatigue was a typical complaint of those with this disease. Dr. Pottenger pioneered the use of adrenal extracts and nutrition in the treatment of fatigue. Along the way his research made an additional startling discovery. While feeding his experimental subjects – cats – processed (or cooked) food, serious health conditions manifested. These included deformities, lack of physical coordination and infertility. In fact, within three generations the cats were so arthritic, they were unable to walk to the front of their cages to feed themselves.

chipDr. Pottenger discovered that eating processed foods caused chronic illnesses. The same chronic illnesses we see in our society exploding in all directions. The illnesses didn’t happen to all cats all at once. But, it took only three generations before the cats were unable to produce healthy offspring ~ offspring that were ultimately unable to survive.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Is more recent research available backing up that of Dr. Pottenger.” As serendipity would have it, a PBS television report in the fall of 2007 revealed that food turned genes on and off in mice ~ changing the color of their fur as well as their tendency to gain weight and propensity toward cardiovascular disease.

Modern research proves food clearly alters genetic attributes and these altered traits can be passed on to future generations. Eating a daily diet heavy in processed and cooked foods not only puts your own health at risk, but the health of your children and their children too! This is headline news, but I’m certain many of you haven’t heard of Dr. Pottenger or his findings.

Not convinced? Other studies done in the early 1900’s revealed that bleaching flour created a powerful chemical, alloxan, which destroys part of the pancreas. The result is diabetes for life. Yet bleached flour continues to be sold without warning or restriction.

waistRecent studies have linked high consumption of refined sweeteners including high fructose corn syrup with insulin resistance, obesity and heart disease. Yet, these sweeteners are sold without warning or restriction. Is there any wonder that diabetes affects more and more people including our children? These studies are real and irrefutable.

So, what’s the # 1 thing you can do to improve the health of you or your child: eat fresh foods and remove concentrated sweeteners from your diet. Save your child ~ save yourself!

– Guest author, Paul J.Rosen, AcuNatural Family Healthcare

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  1. but, aren’t there some veggies that should be eaten cooked, for those of us with thyroid issues, et al?  Thanks, Paul, good article.  🙂

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