Winter Activities For Older Adults And Retirees

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Engaging in hobbies is important for older adults. While winter can be a difficult time to keep up with outdoor activities, staying active,…

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Adults At Risk For Diabetes Double Activity Levels

This article is courtesy of PRWeb and the University of Pittsburgh, please share your comments below….. University of Pittsburgh Public Health program increases physical activity in people at risk for…

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How To Cut Orthodontic Braces Time In Half For Adults And Children

Submitted by Dr. Michael Stosich Is it possible for both children and adults to cut the time spent wearing braces by half? It seems it would be easier for children…

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Preparing For A Family Walking Holiday

By Danielle Steele Getting out and about with your loved ones is certainly a fantastic experience. This is even more so when you plan on trekking through the wilderness for…

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Off The Couch And On To The Trail: Hiking With Kids

By T.J. Fraser For many of us, the digital age comes with a comparison. Remember the good ‘ol days of rotary phones and typewriters? But today’s children have no comparison….

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Save The Children, Save Ourselves

By Paul J.Rosen, J.D., L.Ac., EAMP Children, our most precious resource, deserve better. Our health care system is in a crisis what with skyrocketing cases of childhood diabetes, obesity, behavioral…

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Searching For The Cause(s) Of Obesity

From Your Health Journal…..”A very interesting article on the Seattle PI web site written by Timi Gustafson entitled Searching For The Cause(s) Of Obesity. The article starts by stating two…

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Protecting Our Children From Obesity

From Your Health Journal…..”I wanted to promote an article in The Coloradoan entitled We must protect our children from epidemic of obesity written by Tim Flynn and Terry Gebhardt, who…

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Childhood Obesity A Growing Epidemic

By Anand Bhatt Welcome a new definition of playtime. What once meant engaging in friendly competition on the playground, now means engaging in virtual competition without even leaving the house….

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Healthy Tip # 171

Another healthy tip courtesy of Connie Stetler 1. Give it time – It takes time to turn a new workout routine into a weekly habit. Give yourself at least 3…

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