Multiple Sclerosis

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qaQ & A With Dr. Michael Wald

1. The causes of multiple sclerosis include, but may not be limited to:
a.) Genetics
b.) Infections
c.) Diet

Answer: All of the above. Genetics is an underlying factor, while toxins and infections for example may allow genetic predispositions to manifest as disease activity.

2. True or false? The medications typically used in multiple sclerosis are well tolerated with a clear track record of benefit in multiple sclerosis patients.

Answer: False. Unfortunately, the medications used today for multiple sclerosis often carry such significant side affects that many patients choose not to use them.

3.True or False? Vitamin B12 and folic acid are commonly needed for those with multiple sclerosis?

Answer: True: Serum B12 and folic acid levels are useful as measures of need ONLY when the levels are low. High levels of these nutrients may actually indicate intracellular (inside the cell) deficiency of these nutrients. A homocysteine and methylmalonic acid tests can indicate if these nutrients are being “misused” in the body or deficient. Also, there are several different forms of B12 and folic acid and the best choice needs to be determined (i.e., cyanocobalamine, adenosylcobalamine, hydroxycobalamine, L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate.

4.True or False? The use of a tri-peptide amino acid called n-acetyl cytokine (a.k.a NAC) potentially provides antiviral, detoxififying, mucolytic and immune balancing effects in MS?

Answer: True.

5. True or false? Vaccinations are also considered causal factors for multiple sclerosis.

Answer: True. According to a study entitled, “Environmental Risk Factors in Multiple Sclerosis Aetology”, that appeared in the Journal: Lancet Neurology in December 2004.

6. True or false? The best treatment for multiple sclerosis is the use of a clean organically-based diet along with the appropriate nutritional supplements.

Answer: Neither True NOR False. Dietary therapies, plus others used in alternative medicine, are certainly essentially in our opinion for both the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Careful laboratory assessments should be used by an experienced practitioner for determining individual needs of nutritional supplements. For example, low vitamin D levels are inversely related to an increased risk of multiple sclerosis and a downward spiral of the disease; sun exposure or taking vitamin D supplements is no guarantee of correction.

7. True or false? The average neurologist does an excellent job at looking for the cause of multiple sclerosis.

Answer: False. Sadly, the typical neurologist makes very little attempt to look for the actual underlying causes of MS in some individual. The medications approved for MS are quite clear to neurologists and these medications tend to be recommended. Potential causes of multiple sclerosis involve exposure to toxins that may have occurred during any period of the person’s life, various nutritional deficiencies and other lifestyle factors such as stress.

8. True or false? A variety of nutritional factors have been well or reasonably well studied in multiple sclerosis and should always be used given their long track record of safety and overall health benefi ts.

Answer: Absolutely True. Why not use natural therapies that can be used with complete safely if they offer the possibility of a greater quality of life? Although many natural textbooks exist and information in the media is abundant describing various natural approaches for MS, each individual is different. Trained health professionals that have both classic and natural training in multiple sclerosis offer the best healing solutions.

– Dr. Michael Wald, Brain-Energy Blast

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  1. I was diagnosed with MS in 1981. After 3 hospitalizations, 8 different medications including oral and intravenous chemotherapy, slurred speech, loss of vision for 1 month and dying I discovered my amalgams contained 50% mercury. My DDS’s NEVER told me.I had my 16 amalgams removed contrary to the American Dental Association’s reccommendation of SAFETY and MS Society’s denial of amalgam causation ALL SYMPTOMS GRADUALLY BEGAN TO DISAPPEAR TWO WEEKS AFTER ALL AMALGAMS WERE REMOVED. NO MEDICATION, NO RELAPSES, NO HOSPITALIZATIONS FOR MS SINCE 1989.Yes, MS is caused by a genetic predisposition to “mercury” (toxin) in some people. I tried the diet route and it didn’t change the course of the MS for me but it did work for John McDougall.

  2. I agree with Dr. Wald’s response related to possible causes of MS, particularly “toxins”. As Dr. Wald states, unfortunately neurologists do not make an attempt to find out what the underlying causes of MS may be,  such as heavy metals, particularly mercury. In my case, I was suddenly struck with double vision in 1998 and was diagnosed with MS by a well respected neuro-opthalmologist at a Philadelphia teaching hospital.  I was shocked, and when I inquired what caused MS, I was advised that there was no known etiology, and simply prescribed steroids to “fix my eyes”. He further advised me that I would be sick for the rest of my life. Like Linda, I discovered that the silver colored dental filling,containing 50% mercury, that had been drilled out and replaced with a new one seven days prior to the double vision, had poisoned me causing the neurological symptoms. As Dr. Wald also says, the potential causes of MS can involve exposure to toxins that may have occurred during any period of a person’s life. He’s also correct, in that the mercury from these silver amalgam fillings escapes constantly during it’s lifetime in teeth and the vapors are aborbed into the lungs organs and fat tissues, including the brain. It is cummulative, the symptoms may be gradual, or as in my case, I was acutely exposed during the dental treatment.  Unfortunately, the medical community does not consider mercury toxicity from fillings when patients develope neurolgoical and immune symptoms related to neuro-muscular diseases and autoimmune diseases such as MS, Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis, Parkinson’s, ALS, thyroid and other debilitating chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s.I had my silver amalgam fillings removed safely by an IAOMT dentist who was trained to protect me and the dental staff from mercury vapors during the procedure. I do hope that those diagnosed wth MS or any of the above illnesses consider that their silver colored mercury fillings may be at the root of their illness. I would be pleased to communicate with anyone who is interested in learning more above this potential cause or contributing factor to MS.

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