Healthy Tip # 98

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Welcome to the category of my blog simply called ‘Healthy Tips.’ Many times, when I write articles for various publications, I need to find sources for the story as seen in Yahoo Shine (click here) or PBS (click here) about staying healthy. I was looking for experts and non-experts to chime in and give their favorite ‘tips’ to help kids and adults lead a healthy lifestyle.

The feedback for various stories was amazing. The sources had some fantastic points of view that could not be ignored, and I thought their opinions should be viewed on the Your Health Journal web site.

So, enjoy my new series, with some ‘great’ insight from some ‘great’ people giving exceptional and educational points of view.

Healthy Tip From Lisa Balash

1). Families that PLAY together STAY together. It is so important for parents to be good role models for their children. If they are setting this example then their children will most likely stick with an exercise program. Also, it can be more like playing which allows the children to associate it with fun. It is also a great time for them to bond and connect as a family.

2). Some ideas I recommend include walking after dinner or even playing a game like touch football, tag or running a relay race. Also signing up for a 5k or walkathon gives families the chance to exercise together to prepare for the event everyday as well as participating in the event as a family.

3). I really believe technology keeps us indoors and glued to our cell phones and computers and takes away from time outside as a family. Parents are working so much more these days with longer days or distracted. I also believe it is important that families connect more at the dinner table, giving parents an increased awareness of what is going on in their children’s lives. This can help strengthen family ties.

– Lisa Balash, a Las Vegas based kettlebell and pilates expert who is a KB Long Cycle Champion and a past National Physique Committee champion in the tall division.


  1. Bravo, Lisa. All the family tips are do-able and an opportunity for families to regroup and reconnect in 2013.Fresh air renews fresh views and creative ways to move in fun ways. You impart these tips in a lively way…..just reading this makes me want to go on a hike ! 

  2. Wonderful advice, Lisa! Our family of 6 struggles with bonding and being active together on a regular basis, and for 2013 we are going to strive to do more together as a family. Thanks for your recommendations! In the past we have done charity Walks & Runs together, so we’ll sign up for a few of those this year as well. As you’ve said, the preparation is just as fun as the event! Reading your post also calls to mind that our family doesn’t always eat dinner together. We will take your advice and change our dinner schedule to allow us to eat more meals together. Thanks again, Lisa!!! 

  3. Lisa I agree 100%!  My parents were always doing active things with us growing up.  My sister & I especially loved our after dinner bike rides. Bravo!

  4. Great tips! My kids are 8 and 11 and it’s great now that they are old enough for all of us to do races together. We love doing family 5Ks! We also do a family evening walk almost every evening and we’ve done that since my oldest was three months old. They know it is just what we do and they’ve never known any different 🙂

  5. Great tips! I agree that activity should fun for families. We hike, walk, skate, ski, etc. together. Plus, our kids see us doing activity on our own (running for me) and that helps instill an active lifestyle too.

  6. Such great advice.  I think it is so important for families to get out and have fun together.  It builds such good memories too! 

  7. My daughter has been running with me since she was 5 years old.  It is something we always look forward to doing together, and I feel I’m providing her with a healthy habit that will stick with her forever.  Great post, Lisa!

  8. I couldn’t agree more about the technology aspect. I grew up when technology and video games were just being introduced as a mainstream technology and I wouldn’t trade the sports and activities for a video game or cell phone anyday! Great advice Lisa, you work exteremely hard and truly are an expert at what you do! I hope more families read your blog and take your advice. Keep up the great work!

  9. You couldn’t be more correct. Psychological studies even show that children that come from families that dine together have a decreased chance of delinquency. Thank you for the suggestions, Lisa. 

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