Healthy Tip # 189

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Karen Welby

Making time for exercise becomes a New Year’s resolution for many people as January 1st rolls around. However, many people lose this motivation after a few weeks.

Here are two tips to stick with an exercise routine.

womancurlupPick a race or challenge to participate in. Consider what you’d like to accomplish in 2013. A 5k? A Triathlon? The Tough Mudder? 25 push-ups in a row? In January, designate one fitness goal for the year. Then, write it down, find people to do it with, and tell everyone about your big challenge. This will create accountability and be your motivation. Then set specific monthly goals, write them down, and track your progress. Create a spreadsheet, or handwritten journal, with your workout goals. Keep track of how many miles you ran, mornings you went to boot camp, nights you took a spin class, etc. Tally everything up at the end of the month and see if you hit your goals.

Creating an exercise routine is the first step towards a healthy new lifestyle. Once your schedule is in place and you begin following a workout schedule, you’ll start to plan your days around exercise and eliminate excuses. Set goals, track progress and plan for success!

Karen Welby and I am a certified holistic health coach, personal trainer and running coach. Here are my health tips.