Healthy Liquid Intake For Children

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By Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki, M.D.

sodabottleThere is really no difference between 100 percent fruit juice, sports drinks, soda or fruit drinks. They all contain excessive amounts of sugar and are not a substitute for fruit. In the same manner, vegetable juice is not a substitute for eating real vegetables. Juices are processed and contain ingredients that are not naturally found in natural fruits or vegetables.

Whole milk is much healthier than low fat milk. Low fat milk is processed from whole milk and is a known cause of elevated triglycerides (a form of bad cholesterol) and HDL (good cholesterol). Sugar will cause the same dysfunction in the body. Typically, foods that are labeled “low fat” contain more sodium and/or sugar.

The true cause of obesity and obesity related disorders is processed foods. These are man-made foods that the body was never designed to use. As much as fat in the diet has been blamed and reduced, we continue to see an increase in obesity and obesity related disorders. I am yet to treat a patient who craves or eat fat or one who drinks oil regularly. Fats are not palatable unless they are combined with sugar or salt. For us to improve the health of our children and save the future generation, we need to curtail the manufacture and consumption of processed food.

– Dr. Adeyemi Fatoki, M.D., is a Bariatrician, Author, & Medical Director of Great Heights Family Medicine in Calumet City and Ottawa, IL and co-founder of Practical Health Technology Solutions.

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  1. I am curious about your reference to 100% fruit juice not being healthy and assume you are referring to bottled juice not the freshly squeezed juice we make at home ourselves? What did surprise me was your information regarding low fat milk which I had switched to due to a cholesterol problem, and now seems was not the best move.

  2. I’ve often wondered what they put into products that are “low-fat” instead of fat.  Now I know.  This just backs up the notion that going back to basics and cooking as much as you can from the raw ingredients is the best way to monitor what is going into your body.

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