Guest Post – Jason Miner, 5 Activities To Keep The Kids Active During The Holidays

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familyThe holidays are a great time to relax and enjoy each others company but it’s an easy way to get bored and restless for kids, so the best thing is to keep them active. Keeping them active will help them stay happy and less irritable during the holidays. Cold weather tends to keep the family inside so here are some activities that don’t require a lot of outside time:

Walks: Now that the kids have all this free time, take family walks around the neighborhood in midday when it’s most warm. This will keep the whole family moving and create a perfect time for bonding and memory making. Don’t forget to bundle up and take the family dog!

Puzzles: Challenge their little brains and keep them thinking with picking out several large but easy puzzles. Clear off a table top and let them go to town on it. Not only do puzzles allow them to use their brains but will keep them quiet and busy for at least 45 minutes. That means more time for you to get done what you need to get done.

muffinsBaking: Instead of allowing the children to lie around all holiday break, get them active by getting them into the kitchen. Have them help you bake cookies and other yummy treats. Baking teachers children math problems, practice following the directions and allowing them to be creative. Depending on your child’s age you can also let them do the bigger meals and actually help cook.

Crafts: Grab the glitter, stickers and construction paper. This is a great time to allow the kids to create crafts together. Throw a large sheet down on the dining room table floor and let them go crazy. Inspire them with requesting crafts for the grandparents, like snowflakes and Christmas trees.

Forts: Indoor forts are the best! Grab all the pillows and sofa cushions you can, some empty boxes and blankets. Let the kids build a fort and once they are done, pop them some popcorn and make it a reading or coloring fort for them to hid and get cozy in. You may have to lend a helping hand to get them started, have fun crawling in with them!

Enjoy the holidays and every day the children are home from school, use one of these activity ideas to keep them busy: bake, make a fort, create holiday greeting cards, put together a puzzle or go for daily walks. Have a happy and safe holiday!

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