Advantages Of Sleep, Good Nutrition, And Exercise In Everyday Life

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By Flora G. Aleana

cutekidsIndeed, sleep, nutritious food and plenty of exercises done first thing in morning, does wonders for the child’s mental and physical health and significantly wards off diseases and conditions. Besides, these are important factors for child growth and development and a lot that children carry well into adolescence; adulthood and senility have to do with how they slept, what they ate and how well they exercised during their formative years.

In everyday life of children, sleep has the following advantages:

1. It refreshes the mind and body and makes the child fresh, invigorated and stimulated for another day of activity

2. It offers daily well being and aids in physical and intellectual development

3. It allows children to remain alert and attentive in class and remain focused on studies

4. Sleep also aids in social connectivity in that well sleeping children are socially more responsive and make friends easily and well. They are also good communicators

5. Finally, good sleep and falling asleep and waking up with fixed timings does aid and abet physical, mental and social development and children who get good sleep are more healthier, active and forward looking than those who have sleep deficits.

Coming next to good nutrition, it is important for health because of the following reasons:

1. Good and nutritious food are important needs for physical growth and development of children of all age groups

2. Lack of good nutrition could cause illnesses to children who need good food for good health, sustenance and advancement

3. A solid balanced diet filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates and lots of fresh fruits, vegetables and salads. Transfat needs to be substituted with unsaturated fats and there is need to limit or stay off sugary drinks, junk food, colas and obesity-causing foods

fruitsalad4. Good nutrition is capable of building strong, robust and active children who do well in academics as well as in the playground. They fall ill less frequently and can give 100% to what they do – and enjoy it immensely too.

5. Since children are what they eat, it is important that they be provided the best possible nutrition in food so that they could grow on to become healthier, purposeful and strong adults, fully capable of meeting societal needs and community demands.

Finally, exercises are very important for children, especially growing ones:

1. For one thing, regular exercises ensures quick development of bones and muscles and makes their heart and other organs supple and strong

2. It wards off diseases and conditions of the heart, lungs, fatty deposits in liver and elsewhere and keeps them in perfect health for long, long time

3. Child Obesity, one of the major scourges of 21st century living could be controlled and remedied with regular, timely and vigorous exercises

4. Exercises helps in the correct and effective assimilation of food and aids positive metabolism and good body formation in growing children

Indeed an exhilarating combination of excellent sleep, choice of nutritious food and plenty of indoor/outdoor exercises does promise a long, healthy and disease-free life for children and also promotes academic, cultural, social and personal wellbeing for all indulgers.

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