Healthy Tip # 213

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Healthy tips courtesy of Joni Rampolla

water1. Drink calorie free beverages as your body doesn’t recognize liquid without protein or fiber as calories so you don’t eat less or feel full even if you drink a large amount of calories from sugary drinks.

2. Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Research shows when we are sleepy, our hormones that make us hungry are elevated and we usually raid the refrigerator for higher calorie fatty foods not broccoli .

3. Make a plan to sit less. During commercial breaks on TV, every time you take a sip of a beverage, w hen talking on the phone, make it a point to stand and move your body. Research has shown you can decrease your risk of disease, just by walking for a couple minutes each hour and being seated less time during the day. This is great news for those that dislike going to the gym because changing simple behaviors such as standing more is easy to fit in your daily life.

4. Separate the emotion from eating. Many eat when they are stressed, bored, lonely, depressed, tired. Be conscience of your feelings and find a non-food outlet for your emotion. Notice it, and change the behavior. Take a walk, sing a song, dance, move, call a friend, play with the dog, etc. just find your outlet that can replace one behavior for another that is healthier.

Joni Rampolla, RD, LDN, Registered Dietitian, Certified Health Coach, Take Shape For Life

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