Three Best Strength Workout Routines For Women

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By Rod Devreese

womanstrengthworkoutWomen, especially on their late teens all the way to middle age have this one common frustration – to look as fabulous and fit as their favorite star. Lo and behold not all women are built the same. Due to factors universal to all of us – time, money, discipline, etc. not all women can have those to-die-for washboard abs or that firm behind that everyone is talking about.

Let’s face it; you can’t achieve that sexy physique with minimal effort but expecting maximum results. Advertisements on TV promise everything under the sun but mostly they’re all just a bunch of bull. Here are three surefire workout routines for women to pump up those problem areas specifically the arms, abs and lower extremities. Note that this will always be more effective if done with proper diet.

The Arms

Most women are afraid of lifting weights just because it might make their arms larger. Wrong. By forcing your body to burn calories more than they usually do, it essentially carves away the fat to reveal more lean muscle. Goodbye flabby arms!

Body weight training can be most beneficial for a newbie. By doing pull-ups and push-ups, you essentially gain the strength to lift your own weight. This prepares you for the big boys and all that iron. One can easily do this at home without need for any other equipment. As you progress and with proper supervision you can start on with free weights, gradually going heavier.

Push-ups with mountain climbers will give you a good cardio workout while firming essentially your arms, legs, chest and abs. You can do this by getting on the push-up position but with your arms straight and on the balls of your feet. Lift your right knee to your right arm. Hold for thirty seconds with your back straight. Do this with the other arm and leg. Then slowly bend your arms to ninety degrees and back up to the original position. Do this in eight to twelve repetitions.

The Abs

exerciseballWhole body exercises can make great abs like the push-ups I mentioned earlier. But to concentrate specifically on the abdominal muscles, crunches are the way to go. Add some resistance by doing this on an exercise ball. It supports the back and firms your butt. Sit on the exercise ball and slowly roll your back with your arms crossed. Lift your shoulders and tighten that abs. Release and get back to the original position.

The Lower extremities

The hips butt and legs are the most problematic areas in women. Plie squats with shoulder raises can be most effective. Do this by standing with your feet wide apart about shoulder length. Then slowly bend your knees up to ninety degrees while tucking your stomach in. Then raise your arms (preferably done with dumbbells) up to your head and slowly lower them. Do this for about five seconds in eight to twelve reps.

Train hard

The myth that men and women have to train based on their gender is wrong in so many ways. That notion that we are all created equal proves true at this point. Look at all the athletes out there. Strength training and high intensity interval routines challenge the body to adapt to the ever-changing movements. These workout routines are great for your heart and force your body to burn all that fat FAST!

– Rod Devreese is a health and fitness enthusiast as well as an author for His research and writing focus mainly on workout routines for women and workout plans.