Winter Workout Options To Stay COVID Safe

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. As we move into the winter months, cold weather and less daylight may impact your COVID outdoor workout routine. A sports medicine expert…

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The Best Exercises For A full-Body Workout

By James Wilson…. There are many exercises which you may know, and they are the basic exercises, but do you know which one is best for a full-body workout? In…

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Workout For A Healthy Weight Loss

By Le Trong Tuan (Robert) Are you are craving for a fit and lean body while remaining healthy at the same time? Then, it is high time for you to…

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How To Workout On A Budget

By Joel Cortez You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get in shape. Here are some tips to help you get fit without dishing out the dough….

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Get The Most Out Of Your Summer Workout

By Annie Driscoll In 2014, Americans visited the gym more than 5 billion times. Our appetite for fitness, and new ways to stay fit, just continues to grow more and…

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Stretch The Effectiveness Of Your Workout

Thank you to the Baylor College of Medicine for supplying this article. Please share your thoughts below….. We’ve all heard that you should warm-up before a workout, but according to…

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The Best Fitting Workout Shoes For Obese

By Dana Smith Almost everyone is a fan of sneakers and running shoes. However, some have a hard luck finding the perfect pair of shoes. Take someone who weighs 200…

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7 Ways To Stay Motivated When Starting A New Workout Routine With Your Teens

By Kenny Meyers Because nearly 16 percent of kids and teens in the U.S. are overweight, it is more important now than ever for parents and kids to develop a…

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Shave Minutes (Even Hours) Off Your Workout by Swapping Out These 4 Unnecessary Time-Wasters

Bay Club Vice President of Fitness Jennifer Beaton reveals the common exercises, techniques, and habits that tack on lots of time but little benefit—and what to replace them with to…

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Three Best Strength Workout Routines For Women

By Rod Devreese Women, especially on their late teens all the way to middle age have this one common frustration – to look as fabulous and fit as their favorite…

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