Three Serious Issues Your Shoulder Pain Could Be Hinting At

By Dr. Louis Catalano Everyone has shoulder pain at some point in their life. Most often, it is caused by rotator cuff tendonitis or shoulder bursitis – maladies that cause…

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Three Types Of Fungi Responsible For Most Fungal Skin Infections

Thank you to PRWeb for supplying this article…..please share your thoughts in the comments section below….. Three types of fungi are primarily responsible for the majority of fungal skin infections…

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Change Your Mood On The Count Of Three!

By Kac Young Ph.D. ND, DCH So what (or who) ticked you off today? Someone at work? A phone call you received, or didn’t receive? Some bad news from a…

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Three Tips For Preventing A Stroke

According to the National Stroke Association, up to 80% of all strokes can be prevented. Strokes can happen to anyone at any time, but certain risk factors can increase the…

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The Three Faces Of Pink Eye

By Alicia Bell Conjunctivitis, also known as “pink eye,” is an inflammation of the thin white covering of the eye and the inside of the eyelids. If you’ve ever had…

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Three Best Strength Workout Routines For Women

By Rod Devreese Women, especially on their late teens all the way to middle age have this one common frustration – to look as fabulous and fit as their favorite…

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