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Tech Tips From The Experts:

We run a number of digital marketing campaigns for the UK National Health Service (NHS) and are happy to share some of the tips from those exercises:

Use Video

seoPosting video on YouTube, embedding that video on your site, optimizing both and then driving views to that video is a great way to differentiate your site, make headway in the organic rankings and draw clicks away from competing sites. Videos that have more views, likes and comments tend to rank better, so make sure the video is interesting and entertaining and not just one person speaking monotonously about a topic. For example, we wanted to raise awareness of Stroke among teenagers, so we used little kids and asked them what they knew about stroke. The result was a cute, entertaining video that got quite a few views (, press mentions and links.

Pick A Cause

Champion a health cause. Help a local charity raise awareness of the issues surrounding a particular health problem. You’ll get links from them, from the local press and possibly from a few bloggers and related sites that also focus on the same cause. Be genuine, though, as no one likes a business that only wants to profit from someone’s misfortune. Make sure that you give them time, do a bit of out of office work for them, even if it’s as simple as having a bunch of employees wearing placards walking through the town center. Let the local press know what you’re up to. Encourage your Facebook / Twitter / Google+ followers to join you. All of this will create local buzz and help you (and the charity) greatly.

– Farhad Divecha, Director, AccuraCast