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youtubeAnyways, my number one tip for improving website rankings on Google and also to improve your Alexa ratings is to focus on making a series of videos for YouTube, submitting them to as many different Video Aggregate sites as possible, and then linking your site to the videos via the video description. It also helps to have the video be something very simple, such as a slideshow of different pages on your website, and be sure to put as your screenshot people will see on YouTube a slide of your website address and phone number if applicable. This has worked countless times for me and my company. Also, Google has placed heavy emphasis on videos showing up in Google searches for companies. In some cases, videos that highlight a company show up even BEFORE the company’s website! Anyways, hope this is enough to get me a mention with my company. It’s really worked super well for me so far.

– Derek Vasconi, CEO of Sakura Publishing, an independent book publishing company located in Hermitage PA