Melinda Fleming – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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Life Lessons From Adults To Children
Today’s Guest – Melinda Fleming
1. Your message to kids today that you wish you knew back then what you currently know now. Be specific.

The best things that my parents did was that they made us adult meals the entire time. At the age of 6 I was eating Osso Bucco, ethnic foods, and other gourmet meals. I didn’t understand at the time, how it helped refine my palate for good food at a young age. I remember thinking that everyone ate this way, but they didn’t.

I recommend that discovering, and asking your parents that you would like to try new things, or even offer to help make certain dishes, allows you to understand food, and variety better. My parents were not chefs, but they were well traveled. Eating chicken strips and fries, strips your mind and palette at the same time.

2. How did you learn your lesson or what was your lesson? Did you get hurt, did you upset someone, did you get scared?

I do believe that there were certain moments that my parents went too far. Sometimes they would make my brothers and I eat offal – such as kidneys and livers at such a young age. Too young in fact. I remember being maybe 8 years old, and I hid my meal in the dining cupboard next to my seat, and forgot to go get it to dispose of it. Lets just say, when the rats came my parents were livid. That’s the moment I was scared.

3. What you would have done differently back then if you could turn back time?

I would try harder to convey to my parents there were certain food I just didn’t like. In their defense, they were just wanting us to eat healthy well balanced meals, but the offal thing was a bit harsh.

4. Do you convey this message to children in your life today?

Yes! I am a big advocate that from an early age children should be eating the same as what the parents eat. Not as a toddler, but after the age of five onwards. Separate meals of kids doesn’t educate or refine their palates. Just ease up on the offal!

– Melinda Fleming, Founder,