Joy Holland – If I Knew Then What I Know

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Life Lessons From Adults To Children
Today’s Guest – Joy Holland

Each experience is an opportunity to explore world and celebrate life. Which means that there isn’t a “wrong way”–there are different ways, better ways, and ways that enrich and enliven. Knowing there isn’t a “wrong way” removes the pressure of having to get something “right”, inviting us to explore and experiment with materials and resources as we create and connect. Learning to celebrate this process–to enjoy learning and growing–allows us to feel inner peace and joy even as we step into new, unfamiliar spaces.

Adults now, wish they had this, and they work hard vesting time, energy, and money trying to find inner peace and joy. There isn’t anything external to buy, to have, to need; there is simply the choice of opening to celebrate as you explore. To feel the abundance in the moment, as it is, as you are. When you feel that life is fun, choosing to create and connect is a pleasure; something you want to do, instead of something you feel obligated to do. Peace and joy naturally flow from this internal space.

I wasn’t raised with these beliefs or experiences. I was raised to be afraid of my parents and God, with strict discipline if I disobeyed. I learned these practices when I chose to become a mother–I wanted my children to feel trust and peace in each moment, to live infinite possibility, to laugh in delight at the surprises World presents throughout the day. They do live in such a way; reminding me daily that impossible is simply a limit in fear, and way is an exploration of love and gratitude.

– Joy Holland, Founder, Facets of Joy