Anett Hrubiak – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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Life Lessons From Adults To Children
Today’s Guest – Anett Hrubiak

1. Your message to kids today that you wish you knew back then what you currently know now. Be specific.

I wish I had more commonsense and not been driven by my feelings so much. Each time I made a change in my life, I followed my emotions only and I did not care about future consequences. For example I left a job just because my boss had been fired, however the board would have kept me with the new boss. I felt such compassion towards my boss, that I risked my own carrier and reputation.

2. How did you learn your lesson or what was your lesson? Did you get hurt, did you upset someone, did you get scared?

My lesson was here to balance my emotions and not to take immediate reactions, by thinking before acting. I got hurt by the new boss, she was shouting at me twice for no reason, but with my decision I definetely upset the board members of the chamber who insisted on my staying. In a way they were cheated by me.

3. What you would have done differently back then if you could turn back time.

I would stand up for myself and communicate my bad feelings with the new boss and try to build a bridge of understanding towards each other’s reactions. I would sit down and negotiate, giving it a chance, not running away, supposing that in another life situation I do not have to experience and face my lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. Do you convey this message to children in your life today?

Yes, I would strongly emphasize one thing: always give a achance to situations arising in your life no matter what. Fight your battle, face your “enemy”, say what you think is right at that moment, talk from your heart and see the bigger picture, by stepping out of the situation for a moment and putting your emotions aside.

– Anett Hrubiak, traner of self development Female wholeness, Balassagyarmat, Pest Hungary