Alexandra Chauran – If I Knew Then What I Know Now

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Life Lessons From Adults To Children
Today’s Guest – Alexandra Chauran

1. Your message to kids today that you wish you knew back then what you currently know now. Be specific.

It doesn’t take a psychic to know that your parents are probably going to die before you, but I don’t think that I fully appreciated how limited my time was with my parents when I was a child. Cherish the little moments, and make sure that you don’t have unfinished business or apologies left unsaid.

2. How did you learn your lesson or what was your lesson? Did you get hurt, did you upset someone, did you get scared?

Now that my dad is dead, I miss him a lot, and I think about what a rotten teenager I was with a twinge of regret!

3. What you would have done differently back then if you could turn back time.

I think that I would pick my battles a little more carefully in order to enjoy the good moments more fully.

4. Do you convey this message to children in your life today?

My children are very young, but I will be frank about the eventuality of death with them. In fact, I’m already writing a book about it for them.

Alexandra Chauran, Fortune Teller