10 Ways Slender People Think Differently And Stay Slim Naturally – Part 2

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Continued from Part 1 of the article…..

By Michelle Hastie

https://yourhealthjournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/kickhabit.jpg6. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Work out Just So They Can Eat Food

This was probably the worst part of dieting EVER! Every time I ate I had to think about how much movement it would take to then remove that food off my body. This is an insane way to live! When you don’t have worries around weight you simply eat because you are hungry, and exercise because you want to.

7. The Naturally Slim and Slender Know They Don’t Need to Be Athletes

I don’t know about you but I grew up in the arts not the athletics. This doesn’t mean that I am completely inept when it comes to exercise (I mean I did become a personal trainer at some point). But when I decided to live like a personal trainer does, I gained weight faster than a speeding bullet. Ok well not that fast, but pretty darn fast. I move daily, don’t get me wrong… around my house, walking my dog, doing chores, etc. The truth is I lost 10 lbs. stuck on the couch for 30 days, so clearly this is not the answer.

8. The Naturally Slim and Slender Know that Missing a Day, Week or Month of Exercise Doesn’t Cause Weight Gain

Unless you are training to be in a marathon, body building competition or becoming a bikini model you do not need to worry about missing workouts. Your body is constantly changing. Some days it will want to move all day! Some days you will not want to move from your bed. The important thing is if you listen it will always balance itself out, so stop trying to do it for it! It’s only dieters that worry and guilt themselves over a missed workout.

There are sooooo many ways to move our bodies. You can do simple movements all day and never go to the gym and stay trim.

9. The Naturally Slim and Slender Understand the Importance of Enjoying Exercise Rather Than Burning Calories

There are sooooo many ways to move our bodies. You can do simple movements all day and never go to the gym and stay trim. You probably won’t have the strength or endurance you prefer, but you won’t be overweight. You can walk, do yoga, dance, cross fit, go to the gym, and it’s literally endless. It’s only dieters that choose their movements based on what burns the most calories versus what’s the most fun or feels the most amazing during… So many clients tell me how much they enjoy it after but not during. I choose not to do anything I don’t enjoy even for a minute that includes the stair stepper.

10. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Worry About Exercise as a Means for Weight Loss

I know so many people who are thin and don’t ever “exercise” in the way you would define the word. They just do their regular movements throughout the day, eat until they are full and that’s that. Your body can adjust for anything. It can adjust your appetite for the months when you run 5 days a week and then the months when you barely get out walking. As long as you are listening you can always keep your body in balance. Eliminating your stress is the real cause of your weight loss and most dieters stress over their exercise or lack thereof. Focus on relaxation instead of exercise and see where that gets you!

– Michelle Hastie, President/Founder, As Seen In Shape Magazine, Total Body Health Solutions