10 Ways Slender People Think Differently And Stay Slim Naturally – Part 1

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By Michelle Hastie

girljogIt’s no secret that those with their ideal body have different thought patterns and beliefs. The question then becomes what the heck are those different thought patterns and beliefs? Being that I lived my life in my ideal body, overweight and then back to my ideal body I am very aware what those differences are. Today we are focusing on the 10 ways to change your thinking around food and exercise. This will allow you to have your ideal body by thinking the same way those who have the results you desire do! Now as you read these you may think to yourself… “Well of course they don’t do the things I do because they aren’t trying to lose weight, they are already slim!” I want you to think about whose habits you are modeling… most of you are modeling dieters. It’s time to listen to the real experts, those who don’t think about their weight ever!

1. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Count Their Calories

Have you ever met someone who stays slim naturally? Not the person who is dieting to stay trim, but that person who you quietly scowl at because they are on their 3rd piece of pizza and you are wondering where the heck they put it? Well that person does not count their calories. Nor do they care. They simply eat until they are full and they trust that their body will give them that cue therefore it’s not their job to determine how much to eat.

2. The Naturally Slim and Slender Refuse to Starve

When you talk to someone who has never struggled with their weight they will tell you they love food, and they especially love to eat it. Duh right?! The only people who are starving themselves are dieters and last time I checked those aren’t the results you desire… so it’s time to stop following their habits!

3. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Understand the Need for “Cheat Days”

Whenever I hear someone say they are having a “cheat day” I cringe a little because it takes me right back to my dieting days. Trust me when I tell you there are no naturally thin people having cheat days. In their mind every day is a cheat day because there are no rules! And when there are no rules, there is no desire to overeat, binge eat or eat the 3 pints of ice cream that you have to get out of the house before the cheat day is over.

4. The Naturally Slim and Slender Emotionally Eat without Weight Gain

Everyone emotionally eats! Why? Because eating is an emotional experience.

Everyone emotionally eats! Why? Because eating is an emotional experience. It can bring up memories from our mothers home cooking, or our first date at that delicious Italian restaurant. The problem starts when you abuse food, which you will not find in the household of someone who is in their ideal body. So to recap… emotional eating… Good… abusing food… Bad.

5. The Naturally Slim and Slender Don’t Believe in Labeling Something as “Eating Bad”

First of all there is no “eating bad” when you aren’t worrying about your pounds. There is simply food that made you feel good and food that made you feel bad. No judgment. No shame. No guilt. Just an understanding that eating that food again definitely has a consequence. You can still eat it; you just have to deal with the consequences.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article…..

– Michelle Hastie, President/Founder, As Seen In Shape Magazine, Total Body Health Solutions