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Internet Marketing 101 For Health And Fitness Brands

By Steve Mehr, CEO of WebShark360,

successWhen it comes to marketing your health and fitness brand, many business owners get excited and jump right in. We love the spirit and that can do attitude! However, marketing is something you need to sit down and strategize. If you jump in without a plan, you could be wasting good money pursuing tactics that don’t work. Or you could be undermining your marketing efforts with poor choices. Instead of marketing your health and fitness brand blindly, learn the strategies that will get you ahead. In this blog post, we’ll examine the basics of internet marketing for your health and fitness brand.

Internet Marketing 101 for Your Health and Fitness Business

Internet marketing offers health and fitness brands just like yours the opportunity to reach millions of users across the globe. Wouldn’t you love to put your brand front and center on a global stage? If you’re struggling with where to spend your money and to focus your efforts, consider the following tactics:

Start a health and fitness blog! Blogs are very popular draws for consumers. When you write a blog, you have the ability to appeal to a wide variety of consumers across the globe. Try highlighting your products and the healthy lifestyle that goes with them. By writing a blog, business owners are able to attract consumers to their website, increasing their traffic and potential for conversions. Keep those blog posts rolling to support your internet marketing.

Get social! Social media is an excellent way to connect with consumers and to tell the visual story of your health and fitness brand. Some of the top internet marketing traffic sources are social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and review sites like Yelp. Start your page today and start connecting to your consumers. Use the platform as a space to share your blog posts and pictures of your product in action. Using social media platforms, you’ll be able to reach potentially millions of consumers who may be interested in your health and fitness products.

Engage in email marketing. Email marketing isn’t necessarily intuitive, but it can provide the impetus for consumers to log onto your site and buy buy buy. Generally, businesses collect email addresses on their own or they pay other businesses which provide the leads for them. Using a tool like Constant Contact, business owners plug in all the information to make their email marketing simple. Programs like Constant Contact allow business owners to compose email marketing mailers, newsletters, and daily deals to draw consumers in and encourage them to purchase. Email marketing is all about personally reaching out to people and encouraging them to buy in language that speaks to the consumer personally.

Use pay per click advertising wisely. Many businesses think that pay per click advertising is what’s going to get them the customers. According to Google, pay per click advertising only accounts for 25% of the clicks on their search engine. Instead of investing all your money in advertising, use it as a supplement to your other internet marketing strategies. This way, you can support each arm of your campaign to gain new customers.

guestblogGuest post! Looking for a great way to spread the word about your business to new crowds of people? Guest post! Guest posting can be an excellent way to gain new traffic to your website and to gain valuable back links that can boost your website’s page ranking in search engines. Additionally, it’s a great way to develop relationships within your industry. Take advantage of these opportunities and reach out to a blogger whose site you admire.

Internet marketing can be an overwhelming experience for business owners at times. But it can also pay off with huge gains in customers and sales. Strategize where you’ll expend your efforts for your health and fitness brand to accomplish your internet marketing goals.

– Steve Mehr is CEO of WebShark360, a premiere internet marketing resource for attorneys and other professional businesses. Based out of Irvine, CA, WebShark360 offers its clients a wide variety of resources including website design, SEO, public relations, content marketing, and advertising. This world class firm caters to its clients and delivers undeniable gains. For more information, visit: or call (800) 939-4850