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6 Easy Examples Of Successful Blog Content

By Diana Barsan

seoBlogging is a powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tool to pop an organization’s name to the top of the search engine results pages listing. Blogging gives the company a human face, and putting a human face (or many faces) on an organization builds empathy and trust. Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to buy from organizations that put a human face on their website, blog and other social media networks.

Blogging demonstrate customer service in full view. Lack of trust is a barrier for many first-time patients. Blogging allows your practice to demonstrate its commitment to customer service by establishing yourself as an educator, leader, expert and innovator.

Blogging can also develop niche markets. We can look at the blog as a micro-site targeted to that niche. Watching traffic or comments in this area can develop that niche into a stronger business.

Are you looking for ideas for your next blog posts?

Here are 6 types of blog content that will inform, engage and inspire your audience!

1. Traditional blog articles – one-page articles on topics related to your specific industry (general dentistry, pediatrics, oral, facial and implant surgery). Explain to your patients what every procedure involves and how to properly prepare for it.

2. Captivating presentation – describe in a catchy way your practice’s products, services and events. This is your chance to showcase the best of what your practice offers and why your patients should trust you.

3. Engaging stories – be personal! What inspired you to start your own practice? What is its mission? How are you inspiring and helping others? What it is your source of daily inspiration?

4. Case studies – don’t be afraid to show your approach to solving problems, offering innovative, creative solutions. Case studies are also sometimes called success stories; these will help you raise awareness about your practice’s values and principles. Case studies work throughout the buying process but especially during the early stages when the patient is still trying to define their problem and the service and solutions that can solve them. Using keywords, make search engine optimization a priority when it comes to case studies.

5. Reviews (testimonials) – the best reviews are objective and show what patients value besides the service, including little things like allowing your patients to bring their own music, or comfortable interior designs. Details like these will set you apart from your competition. Place excerpts from the best reviews on landing pages (e.g. new patient sign-in form). Testing shows that this placement lifts responses by as much as a full percentage point.

6. Pictures + Videos – it’s great to add more visual content to your practice’s blog. Simply share pictures of events, staff, and happy patients accompanied by a short, intriguing description. Share 2-3 min videos about the industry or about your products. The secret is to stop selling and start engaging!

– Guest Author Diana Barsan has written articles for Your Health Journal in the past. For examples on quality blog content, visit the website of a Colorado Springs dentist, Dr. James Kearney.