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Many health and wellness web sites are always looking for ways to improve their Alexa ranking, Google ranking, social media skills, and SEO. The Tech Tools section of this web site will have basic tips from experts and non-experts alike who will share their successes with the audience of this blog. Hopefully, they will help anyone who has their own web site improve the sites popularity.

If you have a tip, use the contact link above to send it along.

Simple Tips To Improve Your Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, Social Media Skills, And SEO.

“Since Google upended how search engines work back in 1998, the one golden rule to live by is to build your site for users, not the search engines. The correlation between sites that offer users accessible, useful content and what ranks high in search engines is very high and has been so for over a decade. Exceptions abound but generally speaking this rule has been a constant for all search engine marketers and something that will continue be the case for the foreseeable future.”

– Adam Dorfman, Partner, SIM Partners