The Best Exercises For A full-Body Workout

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By James Wilson….

There are many exercises which you may know, and they are the basic exercises, but do you know which one is best for a full-body workout? In today’s article, I will elaborate the basic exercises which will help you to perform a full-body workout. It is a fact that most of us want to get the maximum result of an exercise in a minimum time period, and most people spend hours in the gym working on a particular group of muscles, and those exercises include burpees, leg extensions, biceps curls, triceps kickbacks, and many others. So, isolation exercises are great to have a huge mass of muscles for bodybuilders, as they are the best workout to get into shape at a minimum time period. Besides that, so if you tend to join the gym it’s obvious that you need to have suitable outfits which could provide you comfort during your workout sessions, for that, I would advise you to get your workout clothes from born tough. As the name indicates that the born tough offers durable, stretchable, and sweat-wicking outfits for their valued customers. Born tough workout clothes for men are available in a huge variety at an economical price which you simply can’t resist in buying.

Coming back to the discussion, there are several exercises that will mint for a full-body workout, and some of them I will describe below.

Getting stronger with the help of squats

Squats are a simple body workout that will help you to work on your lower limb muscles. You can make the muscles of your back, as well as abdominal muscles stronger by practicing squats. Other than that, squats also help to develop the muscles of your shoulders.

How do I perform squats?

Just stand up with your hips-width apart, engage your abs, and pull your shoulders back. Now get into the position as if you are sitting on a chair, like pushing your butts and hips in a backward position. Putting your weight on your toes start bending down as in a way that your butts should be parallel to each other, now squeeze your butts, pushing your knees in an outward position raise your back up from the starting position.

Adding fun to your workout by performing step up

Step up is a super fun exercise that requires very little space, and helps you a lot in developing the muscles of your core, your leg muscles, and also it provides your body endurance. Other than that, your heart rate is considered the best exercise that can also improve your heart health too.

How do I perform step-ups?

Stand in front of the elevated surface or in front of stairs with your abs fully tightened. Now place your left leg onto the box and take a step onto the box making sure that your feet are flat on the surface. Now step back with your same leg and make your next move of repetition with the help of your right leg.


Pull-ups are considered as one of the best exercises which can help you in developing the muscle of your core and abdomen, it works on your arms, shoulders, and back, and also on the muscles of your shoulders as well. So you can see it’s a sort of full-body workout as it is working on each and every muscle of your body. But some people hesitate or feel difficulty at first while performing pull-ups, but don’t be afraid everyone can perform them all you need to do is practice.

How to perform pull-ups?

Just hold a bar with a strong grip of your hands, and your shoulders should be widened apart. With your arms fully extended let your body hang at its downward position. Now pull your body up with your ABs fully extended, start pulling up your body until your chin reaches above the bar. Now slowly start lowering your body in a downward position again without swinging. So you can easily feel how pull-ups work on the muscles of your shoulders, chest, and abdominal muscles as well.


Push-ups and all other exercises I have mentioned above require no fancy and expensive equipment. Instead, your body weight is utilized in these types of full-body workouts. Through push-ups, you can develop the muscles of your abs, your core muscles, shoulders, back, and also the muscles of your butts and legs even. And the best thing about push-ups is that you can do them anywhere you want to.

How do I perform push-ups?

With your shoulders directly upon your hand make a plank position. Now tighten your abs, glutes, and thigh muscles and start lowering your body towards the ground and keep your elbows close to your body as much as you can. Now push your body up at the starting position and start repeating the exercise again.