Rise In Women Heart Patients

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From Your Health Journal…..”The Times of India is an excellent publication, and I wanted to share one of their articles here, and hope you visit their site to view the full article, as it has some very good information. For many years studying health, I was always curious why they discussed heart attacks and the dangers that existed with men. You did not hear much about woman with heart issues, and at times, I started to wonder if woman were immune to heart problems. My thought process was men and woman were both humans, exposed to similar environments and diet, yet men were the ones suffering from the heart attacks. Now, it appears that woman are not immune. The are encountering high levels of stress, different diets, and lack of physical activity. The truth is, times have changed. More woman work longer hours now, many are single parents, and on top of all this – many are Mommy’s as well. So, now it appears that all men and women need to take care of themselves, manage stress, eat properly, and exercise to maintain a healthy heart – – and lifestyle. I highly recommend this article to all visitors of Your Health Journal.”

From the article…..

Four Heart Attack Signs

Although men are believed to be prone to heart diseases, nowadays, women in their 40s and 50s are increasingly falling victims to cardio vascular problems. Twenty-three-year-old Rajitha (name changed) accompanied her husband to the cardiology wing of a corporate hospital in the city. The senior consultant cardiologist was alarmed to see the young couple in his room. Initially, he presumed the young husband was the patient but much to his consternation, he found Rajitha, barely married for six months, was suffering from coronary artery disease.

There used to be a time, not long ago, that women were seen accompanying their husbands, fathers or male relatives to cardiac clinics but now, the scenario has changed and more and more women, complaining of chest pain and discomfort, are regularls at such clinics. “Most of these women from urban areas, working in IT or in corporate sector in the age bracket of 40 to 50″. But Rajitha’s case is an exception and she is the youngest patient that I have seen so far in Vizag,” said Nandakishore Panigrahi, senior consultant and interventional cardiologist, Apollo Hospital. “However, she had a family history of heart ailments, which made her vulnerable to it. But in general, there’s no doubt that cases of heart problems among women are on the rise. Two to three cardiac cases out of 10 are that of women. The numbers can be more as women often tend to ignore initials symptoms or dismiss them as gastric problems and come for treatment when the damage is already done,” said the senior cardiologist adding that the early symptoms of heart problem include discomfort in the chest, squeezing sensation in the central or left side of the chest with pain radiating to the arms or even to the back.

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