Girls, Success Does Not Depend Upon Twerking

By Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC Miley Cyrus had us all talking after the MTV-VMA Awards, but the talk wasn’t positive. A woman who had grown up influencing girls with…

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Rise In Women Heart Patients

From Your Health Journal…..”The Times of India is an excellent publication, and I wanted to share one of their articles here, and hope you visit their site to view the…

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Guest Post – Warren Potash, Concussions and Female Athletes

With the beginning of fall sports starting now – female athletes and concussions are an important topic as more than 35 states have passed or are providing legislation for baseline…

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Guest Post – Warren Potash, The Other Girl Will Be Injured – It Will Never be Me

The prevailing wisdom in youth sports is that I am invincible and the other girl will get hurt – not me. This type of thinking is partially responsible for the…

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