Reducing Stressors In Your Life – Part 2

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By Liran Hirschkorn

womanContinued from part 1 of this article…..

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Professional Stress

In a world where work earns you money and money determines the quality of life you are able to have, an unstable career can lead to anxiety. Jobs where the boss expects the impossible or where you still don’t feel all that certain of your continued employment can make every task you try to complete stressful. There are some options at this point to relieve the stress.

• Save as much of your pay check as possible. It might relieve some of the tension if you need a few months to locate another job.

• Search for a new job that can offer you a healthier environment to work in.

• Learn as much as you can and do the best job you are capable. The proficiency will follow or it won’t. If you feel like it doesn’t, see bullet points one or two. Some people are not suited for certain jobs. There is no shame in that.

Home Relationship Stress

Especially if you have a stressful professional life, stress in the home can be a problem. Your home should provide an atmosphere to unwind and escape from stress. Whether it’s a roommate, sibling, the children, or your partner, strained relationships in the home can lead to constant stress.

Although relieving the stress in the home can sometimes be a delicate process, you do have options.

• One tactic is to remove yourself from the situation. This can be a long-term or short-term removal. It can be a hard decision to decide on a long-term removal, but sometimes relationships become cancerous. Time away can allow each party to view the problem objectively, so that the best solution can be found.

• See a relationship councilor. Marriage, family, and even personal councilors can allow you to talk your way through issues. Through them you can gain new insight on the dynamic of the relationship or the source of the tension.

• Talk out the issue with the other party. Explain why their behavior is causing stress and try to find a way to stop or at least post pone the behavior until a day when your stress isn’t already high.

Stress can be a serious condition that can take a physical toll on your body. In order to relieve the physical symptoms or prevent physical symptoms from occurring, it is important that you pin point the stressful situations in your life. Once pin pointed you can work on relieving the stress from those areas. People with stress free lives a physically and mentally healthier.

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