Reducing Stressors In Your Life – Part 1

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By Liran Hirschkorn

stressWe all know about stress and have felt it at one time or another. That exam you were sure you failed, the standard you failed to live up to, and the constant interpersonal squabbles can all contribute to a stressful life. Most people experience some stress at some time or another. A little stress is natural, but experience too much and you should be concerned.

Why Reduce Stress?

While moments of stress can heighten awareness and allow humans to do remarkable things, prolonged stress can have negative effects on the body. When people live long periods of time without relief from stress, tension in the body builds until body begins to physically react to the stress. These symptoms include tension headaches, chest pain, problems sleeping, high blood pressure, upset stomach, and depression. If you experience long term stress symptoms, you should try to remove or alleviate some of the stressful situations in your life.

How to Reduce Stress?

Stress comes from various factors of people’s lives. In order to reduce stress you should determine where your stressors are coming from, and how you can reduce the amount of stress you experience from each area. Below I will list a few possibilities and how you might relieve the stress in each situation.

Anxiety over Death and Responsibilities

The thought of personally getting mortally injured or sick is a stressful enough possibility without adding anxiety over your family’s welfare. Even if you don’t have kids, there are siblings, parents, and grandparents that may now or at one point in the future rely on your emotional, mental, or physical safety.

Some of this stress can be relieved if you’re assured that your family will be cared for. You can meet with lawyers and write up a will. The document will designate who the caretakers will be for any children, and who will receive any assets you leave behind. You can make inheriting any funds that you leave dependent on the heir caring for parents or grandparents when they can no longer care for themselves.

If your anxiety is derived from how your family will make enough money to survive if you pass away, you can relieve some of the stress by investing in a life insurance plan. This will leave you slightly less money each month, but that money is an investment in your own peace of mind and your family’s safety.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this article shortly…..

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