Obesity: Its Main Causes, Health Effects And Possible Solutions

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By Dr. Mario Pary

bellymeasurementsmallObesity usually results from an energy imbalance between your consumed and expended calories. For those who wish to lose or gain weight, it is crucial to find the right balance between the calories they take in and burn to achieve their fitness goals. Note that whether a person wants to maintain a healthy weight or remove excess pounds, there is still a strong connection between the energy taken in by his body through the drinks and foods he consumed and the energy used by his body when performing various activities. Here are some of the main causes of obesity that should be avoided by those who wish to obtain a healthy weight:

1. Inactive Lifestyle

Living an inactive lifestyle makes it impossible for your body to burn your consumed calories. This results to taking in more calories daily than burning them through normal daily exercises and activities.

2. Emotional Factors

There are those who eat more than usual because of their emotions such as stress, anger, and boredom. This will lead to overeating which is one of the risk factors for obesity.

3. Poor Diet and Eating Habit

The daily diet plan and eating habits that you follow play a crucial role in your weight. This means that following a diet plan which is rich in calories, eating a lot of calorie-rich foods at night, eating oversized portions, drinking beverages rich in calories and skipping meals especially breakfast contribute to excessive weight gain.

4. Pregnancy

Pregnant women gain weight because of their need to support the growth and development of their babies. Most of them experience difficulty losing their accumulated weight after they deliver their babies. This triggers obesity especially for women who have already undergone several pregnancies.

snoring5. Inadequate Sleep

Inadequate sleep, characterized by sleeping less than 7 hours every night, triggers hormonal changes that might boost your appetite. It can also cause uncontrollable cravings for foods rich in carbohydrates and calories.

Other risk factors and causes of obesity are medical problems like hypothyroidism and poor metabolism, age, environmental factors and genetics.

Health Effects of Being Obese

Obesity can trigger a variety of harmful health conditions that have the tendency of affecting your entire life. Your risks of experiencing the following conditions are also high if you are obese:

• Metabolic Syndrome
• High Blood Pressure
• Stroke
• Coronary Heart Disease
• Breast and Colon Cancer
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Gallbladder and Liver Disease
• Respiratory Problems
• Sleep Apnea
• Gynecological Problems such as infertility and abnormal menstruation
• Osteoarthritis
• Abnormal Blood Fats

Natural Solutions to Obesity

1. Dietary Changes

There is nothing more effective in treating obesity than making a few dietary changes that aid in reducing your weight. One dietary solution in overcoming obesity is to follow a low-calorie diet plan. Note that the secret towards achieving a dramatic loss in your weight is to reduce the amount of calories consumed by your body.

Make sure to talk to a health care provider or dietician so your present drinking and eating habits will be reviewed. This is crucial in determining the amount of calories normally taken by your body and how this can be reduced. The typical amount of calories taken by people who aim to lose weight is around one thousand to one thousand six hundred calories daily.

Another tip is to adhere to a healthy eating or meal plan. Eat plant-based foods like whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Consider increasing your intake of foods rich in protein like lean meat, soy, lentils and beans. Adding fish into your diet two times weekly is also necessary.

Another healthy eating habit tip is to reduce your intake of sugar and salt. Stick to dairy products that are low in fat and reduce your intake of unhealthy fat sources. Your fat sources should be from foods that are good for your heart including nuts, fish, and canola or olive oil.

joggers2. Physical Exercises

One of the best physical exercises that you can do on a daily basis is brisk walking. This is valuable in reducing your risk of dealing with obesity and preserving your healthy weight and body. It is also advisable to work out in the gym for approximately thirty to forty-five minutes 4 to 5 days weekly. Combining your regular workouts with healthy dietary habits can aid in significantly reducing your weight.

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