Obesity And Depression

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Discovery of a novel brain circuit and a potential cocktail therapy for tackling coinciding obesity and depression Research has found that obesity and…

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A New Partnership To Combat Obesity

Submitted by James Zervios…. The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), a more than 75,000 member-strong non-profit organization focused on improving the lives for people with obesity, has officially joined the Global…

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Pediatric Obesity Guidelines

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. The Obesity Medicine Association released guidelines on pediatric obesity care for healthcare professionals who make decisions for pediatric patients with obesity. In a…

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How Overeating Leads To Obesity

Submitted by the Baylor College of Medicine…. Eating extra servings typically shows up on the scale later, but how this happens has not been clear. A new study published today…

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SRC-1 Gene Variants Linked To Human Obesity

From The Baylor College of Medicine….. Maintaining a healthy body weight is no simple matter. A better understanding of how the body regulates appetite could help tip the scale toward…

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New Study Shows Combatting Childhood Obesity In Schools Is Working

This article is courtesy of PRWeb, please share your thoughts below….. Research Finds the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program Reduces Prevalence of Childhood Obesity. According to a…

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New Asthma & Obesity Study Tracks 10,000 Patients

This article is courtesy of PRWeb, please share your comments below….. Asthma Control Requires Weight Loss Management in At-Risk Individuals Although studies have shown an association between obesity and increased…

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Understanding Obesity From The Inside Out

This article is courtesy of the Baylor College of Medicine, please share your comments below…. New lab method reveals roles of GABA in the control of appetite and metabolism In…

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Malnutrition And Obesity

This article is courtesy of PRWeb and Dr. Michael Feiz. What are your thoughts about this article, please share your thoughts below….. Commenting on the recent article, the Los Angeles…

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Love, Compassion, And Childhood Obesity

By Jay Helliwell The Statistics, Problem, and Truth of Obesity in Children. “Childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years,” writes…

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