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From Your Health Journal…..”I just love Augusta Magazine, and I really suggest your visiting this site (link below) to read many great health articles, including the one ‘here’ being reviewed. This article starts off by discussing ‘fitness from the past’ with the likes of Jane Fonda, Jack Lalane, and many other celebrity fitness experts who pushed the fitness craze decades ago. But….things have changed, and many (including children) are leading sedentary lifestyles now – in many cases, due to technology. Now, in our advanced technology era, many humans now suffer from risk factors for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Please go to the Aungusta Magazine web site to read this complete article, you will not be disappointed.”

From the article…..

ThighMasters, Shake Weights and Ab Lounges lie discarded in dusty corners of attics everywhere. Sauna Suits and shape-up shoes, as enticing as their promises are, have joined the assortment of closet clutter in homes across America. Names like Jane Fonda, Charles Atlas, Suzanne Somers, Cindy Crawford, Richard Simmons and Jack LaLanne now bounce around in the collective consciousness like they once did on television and in videos. These pop-culture artifacts and personalities reflect a fascination with fitness tipped off by the fallout from the Industrial Revolution.

Building steam in the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution resulted in masses of people leaving their agrarian way of life to move to and seek work in urban centers. No longer bound to the plow, men, women and even children earned wages through more sedentary occupations, and they purchased, rather than produced, sustenance and other necessary goods. Not that the work wasn’t hard; it simply wasn’t as physically demanding as it was for the generations that came before them.

By the 1950s and 1960s, the results of this dramatic, nay, revolutionary change in lifestyle reared their ugly head. For the first time in history physicians noted a significant increase in cardiovascular disease, cancer and type II diabetes. The digital age has done nothing to reverse the damage. In fact, while the intervening decades saw a decline in death due to cardiovascular disease, it is now on the rise again, along with type II diabetes and obesity, among other serious conditions. Plus the Baby Boomers are aging.

Much media attention has been devoted to the health status of the populace. People know they need to eat right and exercise, but these things take effort. And, unfortunately, when done correctly, results are not instant. A person can’t go from a Fat Albert figure to an Adonis physique in a matter of days. And if he does, he shortly finds out that a quick fix isn’t effective or lifelong. That’s why things like ThighMasters ultimately end up under the couch, out of sight, out of mind.

Fortunately, the fitness industry is more and more ruled by research and less influenced by fly-by-night fads. Approaches to achieving and maintaining true physical health evolve in response to science. Augusta benefits from a medical community and fitness professionals who value providing programs saturated with substance and not just wrapped in bling. Real fitness is about changing habits not about buying gadgets. The following fitness trends predicted for 2013 will make this year your healthiest one yet.

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