How To Know If Your Shoes Are Healthy

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By Dana Smith

joggerIt is more than obvious that just like so many other things that we ignore in life, shoes also sit happily ignored in the wardrobe. Do you ever bother about anything else than the brand that you have purchased them from or their color?

Because we lack both information and the will to read about shoes, we end up not realizing that lack of information converts to a bad purchase when we purchase something as important as a running pair. Research has it that wearing shoe that are not of your size or those that do not suit your feet’s shape, can ruin your posture, feet and spine. Because people have slowly started realizing the importance of wearing the right type of shoes, there is a lot being researched and written about the topic.

The fact that majority of people consider footwear only to be an accessory highlights that many are still not aware of the benefits of the right fit and comfort. It is important to understand that more fancy the shoe, the more noticeable will the positive heel of the footwear will be. This goes particularly for the women. On the other hand, the more athletic the footwear the more cushioned it will be. It would be right to point out here that out of the two – heels and cushioned – there is no one variety that can be labeled as perfect. In fact, both cushioned shoes and the ones with heel have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

While it is essential to wear shoes while walking or running, research points out there are far more benefits of barefoot running. So, how about purchasing those footwear for running, which give the same advantages as being barefoot? Wondering what are the advantages of being barefoot? Listed are a few:

1. One advantage of walking or running barefoot is that it makes the muscles of legs and feet stronger. This happens because an individual needs to develop balance and stabilizing movements to run or walk with no shoes on.

2. A number of knee and ankle related issues arise because of the unnatural way in which one walks because of his/her footwear. Being barefoot addresses this problem.

3. Mid-foot strike is something that no footwear leaves room for. However, mid-foot strike is necessary for proper walking.

4. When the heel lift of your shoes is removed, the muscles of the calf gain strength and also lengthen. This can also reduce injuries such as Achilles tendinitis.

Despite the various benefits of going barefoot, the new world does not stick to this simple way out of reducing leg and feet injuries. There are a number of brands that market their shoes as ‘fit for running’ or ‘right for walking’; however, all of them are focused only on cash flows. The best way to reap the benefits of barefoot running is to buy shoes that have minimum support. You should consider purchasing brands like shoes in case you go running. Because these sneakers offer minimum support, it feels almost like running barefoot. Because there is no heel in these shoes, you can be assured of stronger calf muscles and toned legs. Moreover, since these shoes are durable you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. At times, you can even wear Vans, but these would be good for walking.

– This post is provided by Dana Smith. She is currently writing on Converse shoes.