Healthy Tip # 199

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Susie Garcia

sodabottleOne Step Closer:

The one thing that I would like to suggest is actually 2 things combined:

Eliminate SODAS from your life. Regular or diet. Regular sodas are loaded with sugar which means empty calories and no appetite satisfaction. Which sounds more delicious? A can of coke…. OR Orange Balsamic Marinated Shrimp with wilted Baby Greens?

Can of coke = 140 Calories; Shrimp with greens = 134 calories. The problem with drinking sugary sodas is that they ADD to the calories of a meal and don’t replace a meal or other food item.

Diet sodas, although calorie free present another issue because they contain non-nutritive (artificial) sweeteners which have been shown to ‘trick’ the brain with the sweet taste and causing a false release of
insulin, in addition these substances are chemical in nature and are an additional toxin that have to be processed by the liver. (occasional exception: Stevia is a natural calorie free sweetener used in some sodas) The ‘combo’ effect of eliminating sodas from your life is that you need to replace it with something…..hmm-mm….Water! or Tea, especially green tea. Replacing sodas with regular water, sparkling water or organic teas will keep your body hydrated and you will be AMAZED at how great you feel.

This might not be the easiest suggestion but you can start with reducing your daily intake by “one soda” each day until you reach zero.

– Susie Garcia, RD, /Nutritionist ~ Registered Dietitian, Expert Nutrition Advice You Can Trust