Healthy Tip # 182

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Another healthy tip courtesy of Ronald Kaufman

WriterA major tool to a healthy lifestyle is to use visualization. First, write down how you want to be mentally, physically, and emotionally. What would you see, hear, and feel (physically and emotionally) that’s proof and evidence that your health goals have been achieved? How would you look, what activities would you be engaging in, what kind of conversations would you be having, and what would you be feeling? Then when you have a convenient time, close your eyes and visualize yourself having achieved your health goals. See yourself in the scene as if watching a video of you succeeding.

Also, do visualizations of you telling others how you did it, how you achieved your goals. For over 15 years I’ve been a seminar leader and executive coach, after a career in the entertainment business doing production and promotion. Some of my topics are “Presentation Skills,” “Media Skills,” “Job Interviewing,” and “Negotiation,” for companies such as Microsoft, Dole Foods, and Hilton Hotels. I’m also the author of the book “Anatomy of Success,” which is on goal setting, communication skills, self-awareness, relationship compatibility, and motivation.

– Ronald Kaufman, Author, “Anatomy of Success