Healthy Pregnancy Diet That Should Be Maintained During Pregnancy

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By Tina Antony

pregbellyDuring pregnancy every action of the would-be mother directly or indirectly adds to you and your infant’s health. A pregnancy diet should comprise of all the important food and nutrition to be in taken during pregnancy period which would beneficial for the health of both mother and child. The healthy diet that is advisable is crucial for the growth of the fetal in an appropriate way. A balanced diet should necessarily be taken with the beneficial nutrition constituents and quantity of meals should be reduced at the same time the number of meals should be increased. If you choose the proper food with correct nutrient you may have a healthy pregnancy period with minimal level of complexity.

Importance of protein at pregnancy period

Protein is a requisite that should be included as a healthy pregnancy diet. Protein comprises of chicken, lamb, beef and pork. Awareness should be there while having seafood chiefly the fish containing mercury may be harmful during pregnancy. Fish such as swordfish, Kingfish and shark have the highest mercury content. For a vegetarian healthy pregnancy diet beans and cheese are considered to be a chief source of protein. Other high protein content may be in taken in the form of almonds or peanut butter. Ample amount of fresh and pure water and healthy fruit juices is recommended by experts. Conceiving women should surely carry with her a bottle of fresh and filtered water when moving out from home.

Take plenty of fruits

strawberriesFruit intake is very essential to be included in the healthy pregnancy diet as it contains vitamin C which is highly advisable for the conceiving women. Fruit items such as orange, grapes or tomato should be served to the pregnant women. Fruits contain fiber and nutrients which actually serve the beneficial aspect for the pregnant women. Almost on a regular basis you should take yellow or orange colored fruits or vegetable to your pregnancy diet. Eggs are brilliant sources enriched with protein, vitamins and minerals advantageous during pregnancy containing cholesterol which would aid your infant’s brain to develop. Green leaf salad enriched with fruits can be taken several times a day. Banana contains high fiber and iron which would assist in keeping the blood pressure of the would-be mother stable.

Be conscious to avoid unhealthy foods

Healthy fat content is considered as an indispensable diet during pregnancy which may include nut oils or olive oils. Trans-fats should be avoided to a great degree. Caffeine is considered to be safe when consumed in minimal quantity. The consumption of soda, tea or coffee per day should be switched to a cookiedecaffeinated drink such as green tea. Folic acid, iron tablets should be recommended as per doctor’s vigilance. Fasting should be entirely eliminated as it would be harmful for the mother and child. A very high fat saturated product should be totally eliminated from your pregnancy diet. Junk food may also be prevented and in spite of its healthy nutrition based food should be in taken. Poor habits such as smoking and consuming alcohol or drugs should be strictly prohibited as it would directly hamper your baby. By following the healthy pregnancy diet you would be able to deliver a fit and healthy baby which may provide you an immense feeling of fulfillment.

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