Health Effects From Noise – Part 2

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By Dr. Michael Wald

Continued from part 1 of this article…..


watercup1. Drink plenty of water daily (body weight divided by 2, multiplied by 0.8 is the number of ounces your body needs, more if you are exercising).

2. Increase the amount of whole, unprocessed foods in your diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans and raw nuts and seeds – its high fiber.

3. Limit saturated fats in animal products and increase your intake of polyunsatured fats such as those found in olive oils, salmon, tuna, cod and mackerel, currents and raw nuts and seeds.

4. Fifteen to twenty percent of your diet should be from proteins such as lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, soy products and beans.

5. Eat several small meals throughout the day and chew thoroughly- eat every 2 hrs.

6. Supplement your diet with the supplements in this article if appropriate.


a. Eliminate or drastically reduce your intake of processed and refined foods, simple sugars, and fried foods

b. Eliminate refined and processed sugars like those in candy and desserts.

c. Eliminate coffee

d. Do not drink colas (with phosphorous).

e. Do not drink fluids with your meals.

f. Do not eat when you are stressed and on the run.


1. Remove yourself from the noise if possible.
2. Eliminate the noise is possible.
3. Wear earplugs (carry with you)
4. Choose the right earphones that can block out ambient noise
5. Take the nutritional supplements below


1. Omega 3 fatty acids: Take 2-4 grams per day of high DHA content product that is preferably vegetarian and organic. Helps repair damaged and inflamed nerves; promotes healing and reduces nerve degeneration.

2. Herbs:

i. Gingko biloba: Take 100-300 mg per day. Helps improve blood flow.

ii. Butcher’s broom: Take a tincture as directed. Helps improve blood flow along with gingko biloba.

1. Ubiquinol: Take 100-400 mg per day. Helps improve nerve conduction and slows nerve degeneration.

2. Magnesium chelate: Take 200 mg of chelated magnesium daily for best absorption. Most abundant mineral in the nervous system and in nerves and helps to maintain normal function.

3. Methylated B12 liquid: Take 1000-5000 mcg per day of methylated or active vitamin B12. Acts as a neuroprotectant.

4. Active folic acid: Works along with active vitamin B12 to protect auditory and other nerves.

5. Comprehensive antioxidants including: vitamin C, selenium and vitamin E. Take as directed. Helps to reduce the oxidative stress that is ultimately responsible for nerve breakdown in response to noise and other factors such as aging.

6. B-complex including vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6: Take a comprehensive multivitamin as directed. Required for a large number of energetic processes in the body for repair.

7. Vitamin D: Take 1000 IUs per day, or better yet, get a vitamin D blood test to idealize your needed dose. Vitamin D is a neuro-protectant.

8. Alpha-lipoic acid: Take 100-200 mg per day of this important water and fat-soluble antioxidant. It has been well-studied to protect nerves.

9. Zinc picolinate along with synergistic minerals: Shown in studies to improve hearing loss and immunity, take zinc picolinate at a dose of 50 mg per day.

10. Glutathione: Take 500 mg of reduced glutathione per day to protect nerve degeneration.

11. Amino acids including:

i. Acetyl-L-carnitine: at a dose of 100 mg per day. Works with fatty acids to get these fats into nerve tissues.

ii. Taurine: Take 100-200 mg per day of this amino acid that acts as a neuro-protectant antioxidant.

iii. Methionine: Take 100-200 mg per day of this amino acid that acts as a neuro-protectant antioxidant.


doctor1. Go to your ears, noise and throat doctor who will perform an initial hearing screen. If it is determined that you have hearing loss, a variety of additional tests to determine the type and extent of hearing loss will be suggested.

2. Nutritional Tests:

i. CBC and chemistry

ii. Serum ferritin

iii. Homocysteine

iv. Methylmalonic acid

v. Vitamin D2 (25-OH D3)

vi. Serum vitamin B12

vii. Red blood cell (not serum) folic acid

viii. Red blood cell magnesium (not serum)

As you can see, accelerated hearing loss and other health problems are possible if you know how to recognize this pervasive problem.

– Dr. Michael Wald, aka The Blood Detective, is the director of nutritional services at Integrated Medicine of Mount Kisco, located in Westchester New York. He has appeared on ABC World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, Channel 11 PIX, Channel 12 News, CNN, The Food Network and other media outlets. Dr. Wald earned the name Blood Detective for his reputation to find problems that are often missed by other doctors. He earned an MD degree, is a doctor of chiropractic and a certified dietician-nutritionist. He is also double-board certified in nutrition. He has published over a dozen books with three additional titles due for release late 2013 including: Frankenfoods – Genetically Modified Foods: Controversies, Lies & Your Health and Gluten-A-Holic: How to Live Gluten Free and the Blood Detective’s Longevity Secrets. Dr. Wald can be reached at: or or by calling: 914-242-8844.