Guest Post – Darren Wayne, Ph.D., The REAL Cause Of Obesity

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Freshman 15 – Fact Or Fiction?
Q: Has counting calories contributed to the current obesity epidemic?

YES! Let me explain. The fad of counting calories has been around for a while and seems to now be entrenched in society and preached to every obese person by every doctor, dietician and fitness trainer. The fact remains though, we all need calories to stay healthy; only the empty calories we don’t need. A calorie is defined as a quantity of food capable of producing energy for your body. So, when you remove healthy calories from food either through pasteurization (cooking) or adding preservatives, sweeteners or fillers to increase the shelf-life, you are eating dead food and the calories that are left are empty calories; these empty calories are counted with the good, because no technology is possible to remove only the bad calories, but leave the good calories, so everything is removed. So, you can see how dangerous it is to eat no calorie food stuff, because you will then be eating dead or nutritionless food, in other words food your body literally cannot use to continue staying healthy; no wonder you are always hungry, because the food you eat doesn’t sustain you, how could it, it’s dead! So when you crave more and more food, that’s because your body is literally starving, but instead of grabbing the healthy food uncontaminated with man-made processes, you grab more dead food until one day you are sick, then over-weight, then obese. And for children whose immune systems are much weaker than an adult immune system, this process happens much faster.

There are only 2 choices when it comes to health, follow the sick masses or follow the healthy few!

Of course everyone wants the healthy, vibrant life, but if all one does is temporarily relieve pain and never address the cause, that person will never be pain-free again. And then will just go back to pills. My goal in life is to help thousands more before I retire, but to do this, I must share this truth with others. But knowing this truth is only half of it, the other half is actually knowing what food can abolish the unhealthy fat in you or your child’s body quickly and consistently and I know exactly where to find this powerful food; no it’s not sold in any supermarket or health food store.

Q: What causes obesity anyway?

cookieFake Food! Let me explain. The definition of food is as elementary as the definition of air. Food is defined as simply this: material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy. It is obvious then that eating anything that does not contain protein, carbohydrates and fat that your body can use to sustain growth and to furnish energy, is not food! Instead you are eating fake food. Fake food is abundant in every grocery store across every country on the planet, and especially abundant in North America where 98% of all food and drinks, are fake! Yes, fake as in dead, as in nutrition-less. And what happens when you eat dead food? Your body slowly starves and balloons up to compensate for the lack of nutrition; classic symptom of malnutrition. So, you see, obesity is a symptom of malnutrition and not a disease.

REAL Nutrition Only Comes From REAL Food

– Darren Wayne, PhD is a Bio-Scientist, 3rd Generation Naturalist, Truth Activist, Wholistic Nutrition Pioneer, Best-Selling Author, and Teacher. His more recent book is: 80 Health Myths Busted – Live the Truth (FREE from

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