Guest Post – Colin Knight, A Round Of Golf – Health And Exercise

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golfballA round of golf can be great exercise. The health benefits that it has on the body and mind are great for children and adults alike. Here are just some of the ways to get back on the right track through golf.

To begin, golfing requires quite a bit of physical exertion. The average 18 hole golf course requires that the players walk about 3 miles per game. This may be more or less depending on how well the shot is, but it is certainly cardiovascular activity. If someone golfs once a week or a few times a week, this can equate to weight loss and improved heart health over time. For others, it can reduce high cholesterol that may be putting them at risk for heart disease.

People often don’t associate physical activity with the mind. However, any cardiovascular activity, such as walking while playing golf, has a profound impact on the mind. The brain needs oxygen to work properly. While breathing usually handles that all on its own, the increase of oxygen in the body due to the activity

People often don’t associate physical activity with the mind. However, any cardiovascular activity, such as walking while playing golf, has a profound impact on the mind.

will increase brain activity. This would mean a golfer will be able to perform better at their job or hobbies after a game of golf.

In addition to the walking, the golfer needs a certain amount of strength and together with carrying the golf bag around increases muscle mass even if it is a bag that has wheels on it. If it is a bag that does not have wheels, try to find one that has double shoulder straps. Whilst bearing the weight of the bag while walking actually helps to increase the health of bones by creating long, lean muscles.

Swinging the golf club also promotes strength. Because the body needs to move in a very specific way to get hit the small target, the muscles are very focused during the swing. This includes the arms holding the club steady, the legs preventing improper movement, and the core keeping the entire body lined up. Golf may seem like a leisurely sport, but waking up sore after first taking up the sport is more than common.

sunThe fact that golf is an outdoor sport is also essential to its health benefits. Walking outside allows Vitamin D to be soaked up through the skin from the sun. This is important for the growth of cells and processing calcium in the body. More than that, it is also plays a key role in lifting mood and spirits. Many people suffer from seasonal depression in the winter because they don’t see the sun as much.

There is also an entirely emotional side to golfing. This is where people can socialize. Being out with people and growing in a sport allows them to build their self-confidence. They will relax more easily because of the endorphins that are released. All this will work together to create a less stressful life on and off the green.

While golf is often considered a sport for grown adults, it can also be extremely beneficial to children. Going golfing with children puts in place good habits regarding exercise and health. If they see their parents or other respected adults engaging in physical activity on a regular basis, they will see this as the norm and continue it into their adulthood. Golf is also a way for children to learn patience and practice as they learn to play the sport. All the emotional benefits that adults receive by playing golf can also be enjoyed by children.

Golf is a healthy sport for people of all ages to engage in. Professionals and amateurs alike can enjoy the time outdoors with friends as they play towards better health.

– Colin Knight works for Belmont Lodge, a golfing course and hotel in Herefordshire, England. When he’s not at his desk he can be found scouring the rough for his over hit shots.