Guest Post – Christoph Nauer, Stress Management in the Workplace

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stressStress is not in itself a bad thing. In fact, when you manage stress it will help you excel in business and in life. Unfortunately this type of pressure can quickly spin out of control. When this happens you are not as efficient, which then results in more stress. As you know stress relief is very important.

Without proper stress management, it would be an endless cycle. If you can identify the underlying causes of your occupational stress, then you can better manage your stress.

Top 5 Causes of Stress and their Correlating Remedies

Being Overworked
With a large workload and insufficient time, you are putting unreasonable stress on your-self. To help manage stress you can and should delegate; you do not have to do it all yourself.

Constant Interruptions
Telephone calls, unexpected visits, and social media are common distractions that interrupt your work and cause stress. This is why stress management can be accomplished through time management. Schedule sections of your day and do not allow yourself to be interrupted or distracted during that time.

Poor Work Environment
Excessive heat, cold, noise, uncomfortable seating, insufficient lighting, and faulty equipment will certainly increase occupational stress. By making your workspace comfortable, inviting, and suited to your tastes will help with stress management.

Lack of Support
Poor working relationships and a lack of support also results in stress. It leads to a sense of isolation and negativity. Surround yourself with people you can trust, people with solid work ethics, and people who share your vision and will help lift you up.

If all you do are mundane and distasteful tasks you will have a highly stressful work environment. To improve stress management make sure your job provides meaning, stimulation, and opportunities to use your skills. In essence, the majority of your time should be spent doing what you love.

When you manage stress in your workplace then you are not only improving work life, but life in general. There are many ways to ways to reduce your stress in other aspects of your life, so try different things and find what works for you.

Stress stimulates a surge of hormones which makes your sleep and relaxation moments worthless.

Stress stimulates a surge of hormones which makes your sleep and relaxation moments worthless. Exhausted body needs a good rest, but as far as you can’t rest while you are stressed you may start to feel headaches, moodiness, and memory loss, inability to concentrate and even aggressive behavior. It’s well known for a long time that constant stress weakens your immune system; therefore you are always in danger to get colds, the flu or other dangerous health issues. Heart attacks are also usually the consequences of stress.

10 tips to help eliminate stress from your life:

1. Limit the use of things that cause unnecessary stress

2. Give up habits that cause stress

3. Give up being passive and start solving problems and use your strengths

4. Give up envy, grudges and fantasizing

5. Give up procrastination and being habitually late

6. Rest, “keep the Sabbath,” take a day off

7. Live in gratitude, commit acts of kindness and count your blessings

8. Organize and simplify your space

9. Be optimistic –optimistic thinking like visualizing an ideal future increases feelings of well-being

10. Create a wellbeing checklist: What 5 items do you need every day to feel more content and balanced? For many people this could include: exercise, some form of meditation or prayer, healthy diet, reading, gardening, listening to music, spending quality time with family and/or friends, etc. Post this list in several places throughout your home and office and do them every day.

Then carefully schedule your week and include these items every day. Stick to your schedule and make your own wellbeing a priority.

– Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, now lives in Lafayette, CA Christoph Nauer, unlike most life coaches & vision board trainers, brings over 15 years of experience in ministry, pastoral counseling and spiritual direction to coaching. He holds:

• Masters Degree in Theological Studies

• Additional education in pastoral leadership and spiritual direction and education

• Business degree from Switzerland

• Teaching Credentials from Switzerland and the State of California

He specializes in helping people balance life and work or business, get more done, set & accomplish their goals and make changes to their lives so they no longer feel overwhelmed by too many obligations and commitments. His clients benefit in the following ways: less stress, increased productivity by 25% or more, increased happiness and improved relationships.