Childhood Obesity Declines

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From Your Health Journal…..”This is a great local story from KFYR TV, which I discovered today. They have lots of interesting stories, so please visit their site (listed below) to read this full story and watch a video related to it. Over the last couple days, I have been posting stories about the decline in childhood obesity is some demographics. It is nice to see. If we could only channel this information, bottle it, and provide it to more children. What worked to improve these numbers, how can we keep building on it. Although there is no definitive answer, we know that some change occurred, and it was successful. I always say each child needs their own action plan to stay healthy, how there is no magical formula to apply to all children to lose weight and exercise. But, it appears that a little effort from families can help children lead a healthy lifestyle. Please visit the KFYR site to learn more.”

From the article…..

According to the Center Disease Control and Prevention national childhood obesity rates dropped to just less than 15 percent and with more kids crawling and climbing around, it`s helping North Dakota fall below the national childhood obesity numbers.

“We are always trying to encourage families to adapt to the cold even if their from down south and just moved here sometimes joining the Y is a a wonderful option or going to the mall or just walking around,” says Michelle Fundingsland, Trinity Health Outpatient Dietician.

Nutritionists may have not seen as many kids walking through their clinic and that may be because their using the plate method. Which consists of vegetables fruits, proteins and a side of grains and also a glass of milk.

And, at the Minot Y.M.C.A Daycare center parents are already making these lifestyle changes for their kids.

“We used to see a lot of parents bringing in McDonald`s but like now, I think the parents are doing a really good job feeding their kids better. They bring their healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables and bring home cooked meals,” says Blanca Lopez, Y.M.C.A Daycare Supervisor

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