4 Tips For Greater Peace Of Mind

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By Urmet Seepter

brainthinkingPeople can often underestimate the power of peace of mind. When you have inner peace, you are more focused and can make better decisions. It also allows you to think faster in pressure situations. The problem with people in this day and age is that the pace of life is so fast that it is hard to gain true peace of mind. These four tips will help anyone to clear their minds and get on with enjoying life.

“To Do” List

One of the things that helps people to feel at peace is a feeling of accomplishment. The biggest misconception is that this feeling of accomplishment needs to be something substantial. The truth is that simple daily tasks can make you feel satisfied, especially when they are tasks you feel you must complete each day. That is why a “to do” list is a great way to lay the foundation for peace of mind.

Each night before you go to bed, make out a list of tasks that you must complete before the end of the day. As you go through your day, check off the items that get completed. When the list is completely checked off, you will be surprised at the sense of pride and accomplishment it gives you. After a few weeks of this kind of exercise, you will find that this persistent sense of accomplishment becomes the confidence you need for inner peace.

Scope of Influence

One of the reasons that people start to get stressed is because they get concerned about things that fall outside of their scope of influence. For example, if you give someone the tool they need to do a job and the basic training necessary to use the tool, then the success of that person is up to them. This is not to say that you should not try to get involved in encouraging the success of the people you care about. But your primary concern needs to be only those things within your scope of influence. It is a difficult transition to make, but it creates significant peace of mind when you complete it.


yogaIt can sound like a cliché, but meditation is a great way to achieve and maintain peace of mind. Meditation is simply the act of setting aside time to cleanse your mind of stress and find your personal center. When people refer to your personal center, they mean that spot within your mind where you feel completely confident and at peace.

Try working with a meditation expert at first, to get the feel of how to do it. Once you start meditating, you will see why people with inner peace take the time to stop the day and find their personal center.


Hobbies are things that we enjoy and are passionate about. They are also distractions from other people’s problems that help us to find peace of mind. When you can focus on a hobby rather than allowing the inconsequential issues of the day get into your mind, then you can achieve true inner peace.

Feel free to share your tips in the comments below – how do you find peace of mind.

– Author Urmet Seepter is one of the founders of Good Relaxation – an online magazine devoted to help out stressed and unhappy people. Urmet himself likes to write about smart relaxation and happiness tips.